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    Learning and Training

    Fire Prevention

    Learn the basics on reducing the risk of fires and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

    Learning and Training

    Eye and Face Protection

    Learn how to use the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and first-aid measures to mitigate risks to the eyes and face.

    Learning and Training

    Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)

    Understand the importance of lockout/tagout and how it keeps workers healthy and safe.

    Learning and Training

    Fall Protection

    Gain insight into selecting and employing the appropriate fall protection measures when working at heights.

    Learning and Training

    Working at Heights

    Understand how to prevent accidents from happening while working from heights.

    Learning and Training

    Small Chemical Spills

    Discover effective approaches for the handling of a small chemical spill.

    Learning and Training

    Slips, Trips and Falls

    See why slips, trips and falls occur and what employees can do to ensure that they are reducing the chance of an incident occurring.

    Learning and Training

    Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

    Learn the step-by-step approach to identifying potential hazards.

    Learning and Training

    PPE Awareness

    Understand the importance of PPE, how to properly don and doff and how to maintain your PPE.

    Learning and Training

    Manual Handling

    Become competent in safe carrying and lifting techniques for the workplace.

    Learning and Training

    Ladder Safety

    Gain knowledge on how to safely use a ladder, as well as how to conduct a pre-check before using a ladder.

    Learning and Training

    Health and Safety Awareness

    Discover best practices for understanding the key areas of health and safety.

    Learning and Training

    Industrial Ergonomics

    Explore recommended guidelines for preventing injuries.

    Learning and Training

    First Aid Awareness

    Acquire knowledge of fundamental first-aid techniques and recommended practices.

    Learning and Training

    Electrical Safety

    Grasp how to safely use and maintain electrical devices.

    Learning and Training

    Office Ergonomics

    Explore the hazards associated with the usage of computers, laptops, tablets and other display screens in the workplace.

    Learning and Training

    Driver Awareness

    Learn the responsibilities involved in being a safe driver.

    Learning and Training

    Hazard Communication Awareness

    Uncover how to keep people safe from substances that may be potentially harmful to their health.

    Learning and Training

    Confined Space Awareness

    Discover best practices for ensuring employee safety while working in a confined space.

    Learning and Training

    Incident Reporting

    Learn the proper protocols for reporting incidents, major injuries, dangerous occurrences and even death in the workplace.

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