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    Occupational Health
    Management Software    


    Organisations that prioritise proactive occupational health management experience a healthier workforce and increased productivity, as well as benefit financially from decreased absences and compliance with regulations. 

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    Improve the Efficiency and Reliability of Occupational Health Practices

    Improve your organisational health, safety and compliance with a comprehensive occupational health solution that connects multiple data points to promote employee well-being by effectively managing work-related injury, illness and other health risks.  

    Our occupational health solution securely handles sensitive health data, coordinates medical surveillance for health tests and automates requirements based on Similar Exposure Groups (SEGs). 



    Monitor and improve workplace health, safety and well-being.



    Promote a healthy work environment and employee well-being.



    Provide a single view of a person’s health and well-being.



    Improve efficiency, accuracy and reliability of occupational health programs.



    Demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements for medical surveillance.

    How Can Occupational Health Management Software Help? 

    Automate Medical Surveillance 

    • Automate workers’ memberships within an SEG based on their job, exposure to agents or substances and chemicals, their department or location and other identifiers such as age and gender.

    • Enroll employees in health tests and vaccination programs within each SEG. Send reminders to ensure completion of requirements. 

    Learn how we tailor our platform to meet your specific industry needs by visiting our industry overview.

    Monitor and Improve Workplace Health   

    • Track and monitor workers’ health tests like audiogram, spirometry and more with built-in workflows to automatically calculate results based on inputs. 

    • Improve awareness of critical health and safety issues through data analysis to identify trends and develop plans to address areas of concern. 

    See why Evotix can help drive EHS and ESG transformation at your organisation.

    Protect Workers’ Respiratory Health  

    • Identify and provide respiratory protection to workers and ensure they wear the appropriate respirators to protect themselves in a hazardous environment. 

    • Maintain medical evaluation and fit test data to ensure ongoing worker protection with automatic notifications of re-testing and evaluation.  
    See our full suite of solutions that can help you protect your workforce's well-being and safety to reduce occupational hazards.

    Improve the Efficiency and Reliability of Occupational Health With These Tools:  

    • Data Analytics, Reports and Dashboards: Combine data from multiple disciplines for more meaningful analysis of potential risk factors and track the status of laboratory results and respirator fit tests.
    • Action Management: Manage occupational health actions from across other integrated modules in a consistent and centralised way.
    • Chemicals Register: Help monitor personnel based on exposure risk.
    • Incident Management: Assign personnel to exposure groups based on involvement in an incident.  

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