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    Emergency Preparedness and
    Response Software  


    Prepare your organisation for potential emergencies to minimise costly business disruptions and downtime. Data-driven planning allows you to plan for emergencies in a proactive manner and ensure your staff knows what to do in critical situations. 

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    Reduce Risk With Emergency and Response Management 

    The unexpected can put your workplace and employees at risk and force you to shut down operations. Proactive readiness and rapid, decisive action with emergency protocols and response plans can ensure your organisation's resiliency. 

    Our emergency preparedness and response solution allows for the planning and recording of emergency response drills across the organisation.



    Ensure you are prepared for emergencies.



    Create a scenario plan for emergency response and recovery.



    Identify areas for improvement and correction.



    Plan and schedule drills.



    Monitor performance of staff responding to drills.

    How Can Our Emergency Preparedness and Response Solution Help? 

    Formulate and Implement Emergency Prevention and Response Strategies 

    • Schedule emergency response drills and document when and where they occurred, the drill category, who was involved and a description of the drill scenario.

    • Improve response plans using intuitive data and process workflows. 

    See how we can help assess and minimise your organisation's risks to enhance operational efficiency.

    Identify Areas for Improvement and Correction 

    • Improve your company’s readiness through the analysis of recorded drills and assign corrective actions and response plans for emergencies.

    • Assess the effectiveness of planned emergency responses. 
    Stream our podcast episode on using action management to get your organisation ahead of the game.

    Monitor the Performance of Staff Responding to Drills 

    • Detect early warning signs and share performance and drill reports using reporting and data analytics capabilities.

    • Identify areas of improvement and ensure your team receives the training they need to improve the competencies of the individuals involved in the drills and overall preparedness. 
    Learn how we tailor our platform to meet your specific industry needs by visiting our industry overview.

    Manage Emergency Preparedness With These Tools: 

    • Data Analytics, Reports and Dashboards: Utilise self-service data analytics and reporting to provide your team with insights into emergency management effectiveness.
    • Capture All Details on Your Mobile EHS&S App: Receive maximum participation and engagement by allowing your workers to manage tasks and access critical health and safety information wherever they are.
    • Action Management: Streamline actions across all of the solutions.
    • Training: Educate your employees about incidents and the value of reporting by providing training and in-the-flow information. 

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