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    Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Software


    The process hazard analysis is a vital component of any process safety management program. If it is not done correctly, it could cause fatalities, irreversible environmental damage and billions of dollars in losses. 


    Improve Safety Through Comprehensive Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)     

    A comprehensive PHA across all sites allows your teams to identify risks proactively, conduct analyses and mitigate business interruptions and events with ease. Our process hazard analysis supports the HAZOP (Hazard and Operability study) technique to analyse possible deviations in design conditions. 



    Reduce administrative burden of conducting and sharing PHAs by scheduling and tracking PHA events.



    Define processes and node structures.



    Visualise risks and controls at each node of the process using bowtie.



    Undertake structured reviews.



    Ensure compliance.

    How Can Process Hazard Analysis Software Help? 

    Support Process Safety Programs Enterprise-Wide 

    • Use guidewords and parameters to drive workshops. 

    • Implement consistent and standardised safety practices to ensure all facilities meet a specific safety standard. 

    See how we can help assess and minimise your organisation's risks to enhance operational efficiency.

    Conduct Analyses Efficiently 

    • Use the HAZOP technique to analyse possible deviations in design conditions. 

    • Identify and address potential hazards early in the project lifecycle with a structured framework for hazard identification. 
    Learn how we tailor our platform to meet your specific industry needs by visiting our industry overview.

    Improve Critical Decision-Making  

    • Easily conduct continuous reviews and share in a timely manner with centralised PHAs.

    • Make process hazard information readily available. 

    Good EHS&S management is a core part of the operational ecosystem. Read our "Ultimate Guide to EHS: 6 Key Reasons to Invest in EHS&S" eBook to learn more.

    Streamline Process Hazard Analysis With These Tools:  

    • Data Analytics, Reports and Dashboards: Build custom reports and dashboards to analyse data across the solution.
    • Incident Management: Identify related incidents and events.
    • Management of Change: Integrate PHA with Management of Change (MOC) to enhance the effectiveness of changes since the last PHA.
    • Action Management: Centralise and streamline actions across all EHS solutions with out-of-the-box integrations. 

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