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    EHS&S Software for the
    Construction Industry


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    Tackle the Challenges You
    Face To Drive Construction Site Safety Head-On

    Working at height, moving vehicles, heavy machinery and noise are just some of the risks that workers are exposed to on construction sites. These risks can lead to injuries and health-related issues, impacting both individuals and project operations.

    With a lot of paperwork and manual processes involved to complete checks and audits, ensure site approvals, and training, it can be time consuming to just stay ahead. EHS&S software allows you to digitalise those activities, reducing the paperwork and allowing you to spend more time on-site, establishing health and safety on the ground.

    How We Help Construction Companies: 


    Consistent, Mobile Training

    Implement video-based e-learning to increase training impact and keep your workforce updated on safety measures to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.


    Comprehensive Risk Management

    Create, manage and implement robust risk management plans to maintain safe working practices on-site, mitigating potential hazards proactively.


     Environmental Compliance

    Easily track your environmental data to adhere to regulatory requirements, move beyond compliance and positively impact the environment. 


    Health Management 

    Practice proactive intervention and compliance while reducing administrative burdens, promoting total worker health.


    Operational Risk

    Take a proactive approach to evaluating and minimising risks to enhance operational efficiency and safeguard the business against potential disruptions.


    Learn and Train

    Maximise training impact and reduce risks from your unique workplace hazards with tools to create custom, in-app micro-learning content.

    Hear What Our Construction Customers Have To Say

    Actavo is a leading international engineering solutions company offering a breadth of services from energy to events, business support to building solutions, and communications to construction. 

    Learn how Actavo partnered with Evotix to improve their collection, understanding and response of EHS&S data.

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