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    Environmental Permit Management


    Gain a comprehensive view of your environmental permits with a centralised register that gives visibility into associated risks and obligations by tracking conditions, samples, monitoring plans and tasks against targets. 

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    Centralise and Track Your Permits
    Against Targets

    Environmental permitting focuses on creating and acquiring the necessary paperwork and approvals from local, state and federal authorities for various business-related activities. Managing all the data around environmental permits is often a logistical challenge for companies. 

    Proactively managing your permits in one central, digital location drives consistency, allowing your organisation to support its sustainability goals while ensuring it adheres to any regulations. 



    Easily compare captured data against condition limits.



    Resolve anomalies or notices of violation quickly to avoid costly fines and penalties.



    Increase visibility and consistency by centralising all data in one location across your organisation.



    Reduce administrative burden with digital data collection, reminders and task management.



    Develop monitoring plans with trackable tasks to ensure compliance.

    How Can Digital Environmental Permit Management Help?  

    Streamline Permit Management 

    • Manage all operating permits and associated conditions in one location to ensure full visibility across your business.

    • Keep track of renewal and review dates as well as any actions against each permit to remain compliant.

    • Access vital permit details like regulating authorities, validity periods, responsible parties and permitted levels. 
    See how we tailor our platform to meet your specific industry needs by visiting our industry overview.

    Streamline Sample Tracking and Record Keeping 

    • Record soil, air and water samples against your permit to monitor against permit limits and identify necessary actions. 

    • Streamline data collection by enabling consultants and third parties to submit reports directly or import data into the system. 

    • Ensure you collect consistent data with tailored forms aligned to your environmental needs.

    See why Evotix can help drive EHS and ESG transformation at your organisation.

    Monitor Compliance Against Permits 

    • Centrally monitor and track emissions against targets to share reports and performance with stakeholders at any time.
    • Spot variances against permit conditions to enable timely intervention.
    • Track associated permit fees and costs to understand the financial impact of permits.
    Learn how our business intelligence tool can help you prioritise EHS&S initiatives and take action.

    Manage Environmental Permits With These Tools:  

    • Permit Register: Manage all your permits and licenses in one location across your business.
    • Permit Sample Tracking: Digitally capture sample data to avoid delays and double handling.
    • Permit Monitoring: Use reports and dashboards to monitor your permits and intervene if limits are exceeded. 
    • Minimum and Maximum Reporting: Ensure permit levels are accurately reported against minimum and maximum levels.
    • Pre-Configured Reports and Dashboards: Ensure all relevant information can be easily viewed and tracked. 

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