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    Customer Journey

    We don’t just get you started. At Evotix, we work with you every step of the way, from implementation to ensure you achieve value quickly, to providing ongoing customer support for continuous improvement of your EHS and ESG solution. 

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    At Evotix, your success is our priority because we know EHS and sustainability is your priority.

    We work with 650+ companies globally that are passionate about embedding leading safety and sustainability software into everyday activities, which is why they’ve selected our EHS&S and Training Management solution. 

    We understand that implementing a new digital solution may seem daunting, but our experts work closely to support you so you can quickly get value from your Evotix solution, now and in the future. 

    How We Work With You

    Our partnership starts at implementation and carries through to ongoing support. You’re supported by a team of people, your squad. A squad is a group of Evotix experts with varying roles whose sole purpose is to ensure you get value from your Evotix solution and service. The squad is an extension of your team and provides you with the support you need to be successful.    

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    What Can You Expect From Your Implementation? Success!


    The key to success is collaboration. Your close involvement throughout the process ensures that your company's vision and needs are properly understood and reflected in your solution. Throughout the process, we will empower you to administer and configure our EHS solutions as your needs change over time. 

    Implementation generally takes three to six months. Our priority is to get you up and running using our solution as quickly as possible. Therefore, we recommend a phased approach to implementation to get you live with your workforce to start receiving value quickly. We work with you to understand your priorities and ensure specific deadlines are met if you have them. 


    We start with a general orientation and host workshops to help you refine your processes. You and your team will be involved from the start, so you can quickly become confident using our EHS&S solutions. With this in mind, we will work with you to: 

      Understand your success criteria.

      Guide you to collate the information needed to set up your solution. 

    Train you so you feel confident making system changes beyond go-live. 

      Support you through User Acceptance Testing to ensure we meet your success criteria.

      Assist you in rolling out our EHS&S solution across your organisation. 

      Ensure a smooth transition with our technical support team post go-live, supported by your customer success manager and other members of your squad. 

    Continuously Support and Elevate Your Solution 

    Post initial implementation, you will be eager to expand and unlock additional value. If time and expertise required for continuous optimization is a concern for you, then the Evotix Managed Application Services (MAS) team can offer tailored support precisely when you need it most.  

    Gain dedicated access to expert knowledge and industry best practices to maximize your investment in your EHS, training or sustainability solution. From updating system configurations, to delivering end-user training, our MAS team has you covered. 

    Our team of experts specialize in system administrative services, ensuring prompt resolution of your day-to-day requests through a convenient online portal. Choose from three tiers of support with predictable annual fees. 

    Free up your system administrators to focus on core business objectives. 

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    What Can You Achieve With the Power Of Evotix?


    To learn how Evotix can help you put EHS&S in the hands of your employees to report events in real-time, book some time with one of our experts.


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