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    EHS&S Software for the
    Oil & Gas Industry


    Oil tank in cargo terminal

    Enhance your safety and environmental programs with an integrated solution that covers all your risk-mitigating activities

    Oil & gas companies consistently work toward improving operational efficiency by staying ahead of regulatory requirements, implementing controls to reduce risks and promoting safety engagement. When those processes are disjointed, it becomes challenging for EHS&S teams to effectively manage worker and process safety, hazardous materials and environmental reporting.

    Evotix helps oil & gas companies across downstream, midstream and upstream markets improve their safety, operational risk and environmental performance by centralizing reporting into a single solution – boosting proactive EHS&S management and compliance efforts.

    How We Help Oil & Gas Companies: 


    Efficient Incident Management

    Manage incidents and near misses with detailed reporting on a secure mobile app, while effectively completing root cause analysis and corrective actions to reduce future accidents.


    Comprehensive Risk Management

    Proactively identify and mitigate worker and process risks associated with operations to ensure a safer, more compliant workplace.


    Effective Regulatory Management

    Access and monitor regulatory content from state-of-the-art providers and quickly flag any non-compliance issues. Enable your teams to stay current and act swiftly on any compliance-related changes.


    Streamlined ESG and Sustainability

    Seamlessly measure, track and report on emissions, waste and resource use to reduce ecological footprints, promote sustainable practices and increase stakeholders’ confidence.

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