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    Shift Handover Management Software    


    The absence of efficient and reliable shift handover procedures can have disastrous consequences. It is crucial for safety and operations that shift handovers are communicated effectively, especially for complex, high-risk operations. 

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    Improve Shift Handover Processes and Reduce Oversight 

    Digitising the shift handover process protects workers and reduces the risk of disruptive mistakes. It also facilitates the continuous flow of critical operational information between shifts, promoting consistency, transparency and accountability as incoming personnel take responsibility for the task. 

    Our shift handover solution features a mobile app and mature workflows to address shift handover pain points.  The system facilitates instant access to information for incoming and outgoing employees, ensuring standardisation and ease of management. This not only saves time but also reduces the need for paperwork as well as the likelihood of overlooking crucial operational tasks during shifts. 



    Give your operational teams a single, easy-to-use digital shift handover tool for seamless communications and reporting during and after the handover.



    Drive process improvements by recording shift handovers in a standardised manner.



    Conduct shift handovers using a mobile app to promote accountability no matter the location or time.



    Save time by automatically generating critical information to support shift preparation.

    How Can Our Shift Handover Solution Help?  

    Enable Shift Handover on Mobile Devices

    • Conduct shift handover with an easy-to-use, secure mobile app and make relevant information accessible across teams anytime, anywhere.

    • Promote accountability by using e-signature for incoming supervisors to accept shift-related responsibilities. 
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    Execute a Standardised Approach

    • Document shift handover details such as location, date, time and workers involved.

    • Provide standardised step-by-step procedures for workers to ensure everything is covered by seamlessly integrating with Incident, Hazard Identification, Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) and Permit To Work (PTW) modules. 
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    Reduce Manual Data Entry  

    • Reduce reliance on memory, limit paperwork and improve communication between shifts by automatically transferring relevant data into the shift handover system.

    • Create customisable checklists to meet your organisation’s needs in gathering important shift records and data. 
    Explore how spreadsheets are impacting your employee safety, business performance and profitability. Download your copy of our "5 Reasons Why Spreadsheets Don't Work For Workplace Safety" article.
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