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    Digital Procedures  


    Transform procedures into interactive walkthroughs and guides, making them easily accessible for frontline workers on mobile devices. 

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    Just-In-Time Mobile Access to Interactive Procedures

    Ineffective, manual checklists and procedures can lead to unsafe practices or slow responses in an emergency. Our solution helps you transform paper-based procedures into digital guides, easily accessible by frontline workers when needed.  

    Enable your frontline workers to carry out their jobs safely and efficiently by providing them with mobile access to safe work procedures exactly when they need it.   



    Turn paper-based procedures into interactive guides that are always up-to-date.



    Provide just-in-time access to guidance and support for frontline workers via mobile devices.



    Ensure quick access to the right procedures in emergency situations.



    Enhance training and knowledge transfer with step-by-step guides.

    How Can Digital Procedures Help? 

    Ensure Workers Have Access to Critical Procedures On-The-Go 

    • Easily access guides and procedures via mobile devices.

    • Scan QR codes or open a procedure on a mobile device for quick access.

    • Complete critical job steps with interactive, step-by-step checklists. 
    Explore our mobile health and safety solutions to see how they can enhance your workplace safety.
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    Transform Key Safety and Operational Risk Processes Into Interactive Guides 

    • Prevent gaps in processes by having the right documentation readily available.

    • Integrate Digital Procedures with key safety and operational processes, like Take 5, Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) and Permit To Work (PTW).
    Find out more how we can help with your full suite of operational risk needs.

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