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    EHS&S Software for the
    Mining and Metals Industry 

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    Elevate Safety and Minimise Environmental Impact To Ensure a Safe Work Environment 

    To sustain productive operations, it is crucial for mining companies to maintain investor funding and operating licenses. This involves staying ahead of complex regulations and continuously improving the safety and well-being of workers, as well as minimising their impact on the environment. With a lot of data and information to stay on top of, this can be time consuming and costly.

    Evotix helps mining companies reduce risk, measure and improve their environmental impact and demonstrate their commitment to sustainable and responsible mining practices by consolidating and proactively managing all EHS, ESG and sustainability activities in one central location.

    How We Help Mining Organisations:  


    Operationalise ESG and Sustainability

    Proactively monitor and manage environmental impacts, including emissions, waste management and resource utilisation to minimise ecological footprints and promote sustainable practices in mining operations.


    Confident Regulatory Management

    Maintain compliance with complex and evolving environmental regulations and reduce costs associated with manual compliance management.


    Comprehensive Risk Management

    A robust risk management framework supports all of your operations. Ensure that risks are effectively identified and analysed so that risk-mitigating measures can be implemented without delay, supporting the safety and well-being of all workers, as well efficient business operations.


    Effective Incident Management

    Resolve and prevent future accidents by enabling quick reporting and tracking of environmental, health and safety incidents. Ensure that any incidents are investigated so that actions can be implemented to avoid future occurrence.

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