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    Ergonomic Assessment Software


    A standardised approach to an ergonomic assessment helps prevent discomfort, as well as boost employee morale, well-being and productivity while reducing the risk of workplace injuries.  


    Identify Ergonomic Risks and
    Implement Controls  

    Develop a standardised ergonomic safety assessment program that matches the demands of your organisation to set your workplace up for success. 

    Our ergonomic assessment solution allows you to conduct early detection of ergonomic issues and implement controls to help prevent future injuries and ensure the well-being of your employees. 



    Prevent future work-related injuries through early identification of problems and quick implementation of effective control measures.



    Simplify and facilitate evaluations and assessments.



    Configure assessment workflows and questionnaires to meet your unique needs and assign tasks applicable to your organisation.



    Receive automatic notifications when an assessment has been completed or the results are lower than the company’s acceptable standards.

    How Can an Ergonomic Assessment Help?   

    Identify and Evaluate Ergonomic Hazards     

    • Assess workstation setup and routine movements to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

    • Conduct regular assessments of the frequency, severity, and duration of exposure to ergonomic hazards in the workplace. 

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    Implement Control Measures 

    • Create a standardised approach to ergonomic assessments across a business that scales from one office to thousands, to effect positive change for all employees.

    • Implement a centralised system for reporting and tracking ergonomic assessments and make life-saving measures across the business. 
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    Monitor and Evaluate Ergonomic Assessment Programs With
    Auto-Generated Feedback   

    • Enable all your workers to conduct self-assessments using visual image references and receive auto-generated feedback.

    • Receive automatic alerts when there are adverse results in support of a solution.  
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    Improve Ergonomic Risks Assessment With These Tools:   

    • Data Analytics, Reports and Dashboards: Provide you and the team with insight into the effectiveness of your ergonomic risks assessment.
    • Integrate With Action Management: Manage ergonomic assessment and other integrated module actions in a consistent and centralised way.
    • Case Management: Facilitate a return-to-work and analyse the impacts of workplace injuries to develop the appropriate control measures.
    • Incident Management: Report all types of ergonomic incidents and other events. 

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