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    EHS&S Software for the

    Food and Drink Industry 


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    Drive Operational Efficiency Through Commitment to EHS&S    

    Demonstrating a commitment to health and safety is crucial for our partners in the food and drink industry. Doing so ensures trust with customers and meets the expectations of auditors. In addition to helping maintain a strong reputation, effective EHS & sustainability management increases operational efficiency by ensuring continuous flow of production, preventing waste and avoiding costly disruptions.   

    Evotix makes EHS&S easy by automating manual processes and simplifying reports, investigations and audits. Make health and safety a priority in your organisation with tools that facilitate real-time information access for remote workers, boost employee engagement through accessible reporting and bring health and safety processes back to the manufacturing floor.  

    How We Help Food and Drink Companies:


    Empowered Employees

    Ensure your employees are engaged in your EHS&S activities and proactively report any hazards, near misses or incidents on mobile devices so you can follow up and correct issues promptly.


    Enhanced Analytics and Insights

    Continually track KPIs to monitor performance and ensure that you prioritise improvements. Share dashboards and reports across the organisation to drive transparency and accountability.


    Formal Accreditation Support

    Achieve and maintain accreditations like ISO 45001, 9001 and 14001. Ensure your processes are adhered to and all supporting information for auditors and certifying bodies is centralised in one location.


    Effective Employee Training

    Engage employees in health and safety training.  Mobile, micro-learning ensures that your workforce is well-trained on processes and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) to perform their jobs safely and confidently.


    Real-Time Audits and Inspections

    Easily complete inspections and audits directly in your manufacturing facilities on mobile devices. Standard templates configured to your processes and terminology ensure you adhere to your safety protocols.


    Comprehensive Risk Management

    Emphasise the importance of reporting and assessing risks. Achieve this by having clear and easy processes in place for reporting hazards, assessing risk and implementing controls. This empowers your workforce to carry out their tasks safely.

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