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    Management of Change Software    


    Effectively control and mitigate risks associated with change requests through a systematic management of change process. Centralising management of change requests allows you to lead employees through a smooth, safe and timely transition while reducing risk.  

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    Mitigate Risks in the Change Process 

    Improve the change management capabilities of your organisation with a simple and comprehensive management of change (MOC) process.  

    This effective and systematic approach simplifies and ensures safe and efficient changes to your transformation goals, processes, systems or equipment.  



    Avoid uncontrolled outcomes and improve operational efficiency using a systematic approach.



    Conduct early assessments for visibility of potential impacts and risks.



    Reduce the occurrences of introducing new hazards and risks.



    Ensure compliance with MOC obligations while minimising the impact of change on employee well-being and productivity.

    How Can Management of Change (MOC) Help? 

    Centralise Processes to Assess Risk and Manage Operational Changes

    • Support the assessment and approval of changes with built-in, pre-configured workflows. 

    • Receive automatic notifications at each step in the change process. 

    See how we can help assess and minimise your organisation's risks to enhance operational efficiency.

    Keep Track of All Change Requests and Associated Actions 

    • Assess changes in a systematic way to identify potential impacts and risks early and avoid uncontrolled outcomes.

    • Share insight and knowledge across the business to facilitate complete visibility. 
    Find out more with our "Get Back What You Put In: The Value of Managing Actions" ebook.

    Ensure Compliance With MOC Regulatory Requirements

    • Mitigate any risk in the change process.

    • Ensure proper procedure methodology and regulatory compliance with an in-depth, process-driven approach.
    Learn how we tailor our platform to meet your specific industry needs by visiting our industry overview.

    Ensure Safe and Efficient Changes to Your Process With These Tools:

    • Data Analytics, Reports and Dashboards: Utilise self-service data analytics and reporting to share insights across your organisation.   
    • Incident Management: Identify incidents arising from changes. 
    • Risk Assessment: Identify risks arising from changes. 

    Be the Inspiration for Change

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