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    EHS&S Software for the

    Retail Industry   


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    Empowering Excellence
    In Retail With
    a Comprehensive Solution   

    In the retail industry, continuous operation is crucial.  Businesses in this sector must ensure the safety of their workforce and their customers while achieving essential business metrics and tackling complex logistics. Whether for large-scale distribution or managing the store floor, effective EHS & sustainability is essential for success.    

    Evotix addresses the unique challenges of the retail industry by providing real-time safety management that adapts to its fast-paced environment. With mobile tools, streamlined reporting and ready-to-use dashboards, our EHS&S solution empowers efficient operations to keep your employees and customers safe.   

    How We Help Retail Companies:


    Mobile Safety

    Ensure your employees have access to crucial safety information and resources when they need it. Provide them with a simple mobile app to report any hazards or incidents, complete inspections or access risk assessments, all in one place.


    Effective Incident Management

    Manage incidents effectively and without delay. Real-time and detailed reporting on mobile tools allows you to react quickly, investigate root causes and implement any actions needed to prevent future occurrences, minimising risk to your workforce and the public.


    Consistent Audits and Inspections

    Streamline regular premise checks and assessments, making them quick and easy through user-friendly mobile reporting. Drive accountability in your stores and ensure they are following required protocols and processes.


    Streamlined Risk Management 

    Foster a culture that emphasises the importance of proactively managing risks. Empower your workforce to carry out their jobs safely by putting in place simple processes and tools for reporting hazards, assessing risks and implementing effective controls.


    Continuous Improvement

    Continually track KPIs and share reports across the organisation to monitor performance and ensure that you prioritise activities. Share reports on safety performance, inspections, checks and risk assessments across premises to drive transparency and accountability.

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    With over 525 stores, The Works' prior method to managing health and safety took up a disproportionate amount of time and left room for error. 

    Learn how The Works Stores' health and safety program transformed with the help of Evotix.

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