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    Safety Management  


    Promote positive organisational change and make health and safety an integral part of everyday operations. Achieve this by empowering employees and leadership to be actively involved in safety practices and conversations - not just once a month, but daily. 

    Behaviour Based Safety Hero

    Establish a Proactive Health and Safety Mindset

    When leadership actively promotes health and safety in the workplace, employees feel empowered to maintain safe and productive behaviour. 

    Implementing a behaviour-based safety program helps you promote active engagement throughout the entire workforce. Remove complicated processes and systems and give your teams intuitive tools to report any safe and unsafe observations. Provide your management team with support and guidance to confidently engage in the right safety conversations in the workplace. 



    Proactively drive positive safety behaviours in the workplace.



    Empower your people to report anything they see on a simple EHS&S mobile app.



    Drive leadership engagement by targeting regular leadership tours around your sites.



    Identify areas to target for training or other process improvements.



    Encourage safety conversations by embedding safety into all activities.

    How Can EHS&S Software Support Your Behaviour-Based Safety Program? 

    Make It Easy To Get Involved 

    • Make health and safety accessible to all your people – via laptop, tablet or mobile, whenever and wherever they need it.

    • Proactively encourage your people to report any safe or unsafe observations.  
    Explore our mobile health and safety solutions to see how they can enhance your workplace safety.
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    Ensure Leadership Involvement 

    • Target your leadership team to regularly conduct leadership tours to demonstrate a commitment to safety.

    • Document all activities and ensure that any actions raised are quickly followed through. 
    With the help of our safety management system, weekly safety walks at ZIWI have become easy, useful and a game changer for engagement.

    Have Better Conversations

    • Encourage your workforce to regularly engage in positive conversations around safety, not just when something has gone wrong.

    • Take action on anything that has been reported and show that you are listening.
    Stream our podcast episode on using action management to get your organisation ahead of the game.

    Support Your Behavioural-Based Safety Program With These Tools:  

    • Mobile EHS&S App: Empower your people with simple reporting tools.
    • Video-Based Training: Support learning with access to resources whenever needed on mobile devices.
    • Safe and Unsafe Observations: Allow all employees to report any positive or negative behaviour they see.
    • Behavioural Safety Audits: Support management teams in understanding where they need to focus.  

    Be the Inspiration for Change

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