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    EHS&S For People

    Every person has a right to work in a safe and fulfilling environment.



    Even now, in the 21st century, over 5,000 people die in workplaces in Europe and North America1. This is a fraction of the worldwide total and only refers to accidents; many more die from occupational diseases. Add injuries and ill health, including mental problems, and the figure multiplies a thousandfold. Much of that burden falls on society’s most disadvantaged.

    Behind every statistic is a name and a family.

    This is NOT ok.

    We are Evotix, an ESG business.

    Our mission is to create dynamic EHS and well-being solutions built for a rapidly changing world.

    Based in London and Chicago, we develop technologies that are transforming management of the world’s most critical EHS and well-being challenges.

    We bring people and technology together with intuitive, human tools that radically change the approach to health and safety. This is how a long-term, definable shift is going to happen.

    Our ideas and solutions are built for a rapidly-changing world.

    Read our digital publication, I'm Not a Statistic, to better understand why everyone is entitled to a safe working environment.


    1 Eurostat: Accidents at work; US Bureau of Labor Statistics: Fatal occupational injuries







    We Are Fanatical About Our Customers' Success And This Is Reflected In Our Values


    We're Unconventional

    We're not afraid to shake things up. Offer new perspectives. Think differently. Be bold. Be curious. Change can't happen by sticking with the status quo.


    Simple Is Often Best

    Complexity can block engagement. If it’s understood, then it's more likely to get done.


    Willing To Contend

    Work with others who see things differently. Sometimes we need heated discussion to expose issues and secure a great outcome.


    A Bright Outlook

    Glass half full. Amplify what works, don’t obsess with what is wrong. Own it and solve it. Bring passion and energy.


    Just Try It

    Lots of stuff can’t be known in advance. Action is always better than inaction. Experiments are good. Ruthless focus and prioritisation.


    Be Our Best Selves

    Be radically candid. Give and embrace feedback. Act with integrity. Recognise strengths. Make a step forward every month.

    Meet Our Leadership Team

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    Matthew Elson

    Chief Executive Officer

    Matthew is passionate about applying technology to drive transformation in health, safety and wellbeing. The status quo is not OK. He has created a culture and assembled a team at Evotix to match his passion and impatience.


    Peter Rooken-Smith

    Chief Financial Officer

    Peter is a hands-on finance executive with more than 20 years of international finance and leadership experience, with a strong operational focus.


    Kimberly Baker

    Chief Operating Officer

    Kimberly is operationalising Evotix to achieve consistent results through systematic efficiency and collaboration. Always looking for improvements, she is never afraid to push boundaries and strive for excellence.


    Joe Harmon

    Chief Product Officer

    Joe brings 20 years of professional experience as a Product Manager and Agile Coach to the Evotix team. His focus is leveraging lean and agile methodologies to help transform our development and delivery processes.

    Jim Rea

    Jim Rea

    Chief Technology Officer

    Jim is an experienced technology leader with a passion for enabling customers and business partners through innovative and effective technology solutions. Jim works everyday with a single goal in mind: Make something better. Whether it is our customers, our teammates or the businesses that rely on our products. . .make something better.


    Ben Woodruff

    SVP Global Sales

    Ben leads the Evotix sales team who work closely with businesses across the globe to understand their EHS and wellbeing challenges and how to solve them.

    Michelle Genser

    Michelle Genser

    SVP Marketing

    Michelle is building and leading a global world-class marketing function that will help educate the importance of EHS to help ensure all employees returns home safely.

    Peter Shiers Headshot

    Peter Shiers

    VP Professional Services

    Peter has worked for 19 years in EHS software implementation with a broad group of diverse customers globally. Peter currently leads the Australian Professional Services team and seeks great outcomes on projects for his clients.


    The Evotix ethos is about using challenge as a springboard for transformation. That's why we're the ideal partner for Outward Bound, an educational charity that helps young people around the world defy limitations through adventures in the wild.

    We chose Outward Bound as a forward-looking organisation that's aligned to our passion – empowering people to fulfil their potential. Their mission is to make a difference in the lives of their students, parents, partners and communities.

    As well as providing financial support, we take time to participate in these inspirational activities.