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    Regulatory and Compliance Management       


    Stay up to date with ever-changing regulations and industry standards to improve long-term sustainability and reduce risks associated with ESG issues. 


    Navigate Obligations and Compliance 

    Complying with constantly evolving regulations through manual processes can be quite resource intensive and expensive. 

    Use a comprehensive solution to save time and resources by monitoring and reporting obligations for a streamlined and responsive compliance management process. 



    Monitor non-compliance through automated compliance watch processes.



    Manage compliance in one place by accessing regulatory content using state-of-the-art content providers like Enhesa and LexisNexis, saving time and resources.



    Improve efficiency by avoiding the time-consuming task of searching for and interpreting relevant business obligations, while also staying current with compliance-related changes.



    Assign responsibilities and track compliance tasks.

    How Can Obligations Management Help?  

    Automate Compliance Watch  

    • Manage and maintain your company’s unique regulatory and legal requirements. 

    • Automate recurring actions through compliance action plans. 

    Find out more on keeping up to date with compliance through our "What is EHS Compliance" eBook.

    Ensure Compliance and Accountability  

    • Enable compliance teams across various business units to act and report on relevant regulatory changes. 

    • Flag any non-compliance through incomplete actions and send reminders and escalation notifications. 
    Learn how we tailor our platform to meet your specific industry needs by visiting our industry overview page.

    Maintain History of Regulatory Changes 

    • Maintain a complete history of an obligation to identify changes over time. 

    • View compliance status in reports and dashboards that highlight changes to easily assess compliance history and trends. 
    See how we can help you create and operationalise ESG and sustainability processes throughout your organisation.

    Navigate Obligations and Compliance With These Tools:  

    • Data Analytics, Reports and Dashboards: Empower decision-makers with insights to support informed decision-making regarding regulatory compliance performance.
    • World-Class Regulatory Content: Automatically create and maintain obligations using Enhesa and LexisNexis through specialised APIs.
    • Action Management: Manage actions for all modules in a consistent and centralised way across the entire solution.
    • Audit Management: Audit compliance to one or more obligations through a structured audit process.
    • Incident Management: Manage incidents arising from a failure to comply.
    • Risk Register: Track risks associated with non-compliance. 

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