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    Environmental Compliance   


    Ensure that you consistently adhere to environmental laws, regulations and permits to avoid fines and penalties by managing all your environmental compliance data efficiently.   

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    Stop Managing Paperwork and Stay Ahead of Environmental Compliance 

    Documenting environmental data to show compliance with regional or state regulations is mandatory. Reporting sample data, substance inventories and audits on paper, stored in various locations, hinders reporting and limits visibility to take action.  

    Using a robust environmental management system (EMS) can act as a central location to effectively document your environmental data across your business. Focus on monitoring your performance consistently, stay compliant and identify where you need to act to reduce your environmental impact.    



    Document regulatory compliance information consistently to be prepared for planned and unplanned audits.



    Collect and analyse all environmental data in one location for a quick overview of your performance.



    Ensure you regularly assess and implement measures to reduce your risk of harming the environment.



    Stay ahead of environmental compliance tasks with automated workflows, notifications and action tracking.



    Use mobile devices and standard forms to collate environmental data from any team, including outside consultants or laboratories.

    How Can Environmental Compliance Software Help?  

    Monitor Environmental Data and Emissions in One Central Location

    • Store all environmental data and documents in one central location to easily demonstrate compliance to regulatory bodies during planned and unplanned visits.

    • Easily create reports and monitor compliance dashboards to ensure you stay ahead of all your compliance tasks. 
    See how we tailor our platform to meet your specific industry needs by visiting our industry overview.

    Centralise Your Environmental Permits

    • List all permits in one register for full visibility across your business.

    • Record soil, air and water sample data against permits to quickly identify necessary actions.

    • Easily spot variances against permit targets to ensure timely intervention. 
    Find out how we can help with your permit to work challenges and goals.

    Standardise Your Waste Disposal Documentation

    • Track the various stages of waste management and disposal to ensure you comply with regulations.

    • Understand the environmental impact of the waste your organisation produces.  
    Find out how we can help manage your waste disposal.

    Streamline Chemical Management

    • Create a single chemical and substance register across your organisation.

    • Quickly view and report on the hazardous and non-hazardous substances you have on-site.

    • Ensure you comply with your company’s policies and regulatory requirements. 
    Learn how we can help streamline and centralise your chemical register.

    Understand and Assess Your Environmental Risk

    • Continuously assess your business operations to understand key environmental hazards that you need to control.

    • Ensure measures are implemented to mitigate the risk your operations have on the environment.   

    See why Evotix can help drive EHS and ESG transformation at your organisation.

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    Adhere to ISO 14001 and Other Standards

    • Demonstrate your commitment to the environment by easily demonstrating your compliance with ISO 14001 and other environmental standards.

    • Digitally capture all aspects and impacts on the environment in one central location.  
    Stay informed by reading our "6 Steps to Prepare Your Organisation For The CSRD" checklist.

    Manage Your Environmental Reporting With These Supporting Tools: 

    • Obligation Management: Access regulatory content from content providers like Enhesa and LexisNexis. Find out more.
    • Aspects and Impacts Management: Implement a systematic approach to control your environmental impact. 
    • Emissions Management: Automate data collection, emissions calculations, reporting and analytics in one centralised location. Find out more.
    • Standardised Forms: Configure forms to reflect your environmental reporting requirements, terminology and processes.  
    • Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards: Gain a clear view of your environmental metrics and trends.  

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