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    Stakeholder Management Software


    Managing ESG stakeholders effectively involves balancing interests and communicating clearly about complex topics. It also requires navigating cultural differences, staying updated on changing laws and being transparent to reduce risk and build trust for long-term organisational sustainability and success. 


    Optimise Stakeholder Interactions and
    Foster Transparency  

    Stakeholder engagement greatly influences the success of your organisation's journey toward responsible and transparent practices. 

    Organise stakeholder engagement, concerns and interactions with a solution that helps you track interests, coordinate exchanges and communicate with key stakeholders.  



    Record all interactions with stakeholders in one place.



    Track actions to resolve key concerns or complaints quickly.



    Be more responsive and transparent with stakeholders.



    Identify trends, mitigate risks and protect your brand.

    How Can Stakeholder Management Software Help? 

    Build Trust and Enhance Relationships 

    • Foster transparent communication with stakeholders to build trust.

    • Improve relationships with stakeholders by tracking and addressing identified needs to ensure relationships are positive and beneficial to all parties. 

    See how we can help you create and operationalise ESG and sustainability processes throughout your organisation.

    Interact and Communicate with Stakeholders 

    • Identify the interactions needed for each stakeholder based on your organisation’s needs matrix.

    • Transparently engage business stakeholders in long-term sustainability and ESG strategies. 

    Read our blog, "3 Reasons Why Businesses Should Care About ESG" to help get your stakeholders onboard.

    Identify Potential Risks That May Impact Your Brand    

    • Identify potential risks and address them proactively with full history of all interactions and actions.

    • Understand the interests and impacts that various stakeholders have on your business and its operations. 
    Learn how we tailor our platform to meet your specific industry needs by visiting our industry overview.

    Optimise Stakeholder Interactions With These Tools:

    • Data Analytics, Reports and Dashboards: Measure and improve stakeholder engagement strategies through a strategic, evidence-based approach.
    • Integrated Processes With Action Management: Manage actions for all modules in a consistent and centralised way across the entire solution.
    • Incident Management: Record incidents and events reported to stakeholders or those that may interest stakeholders.
    • Meeting Management: Identify and record the purpose and outcomes of meetings with stakeholders.
    • Permit Management: Identify the regulating authority.
    • Alerts: Include stakeholders in company-wide communications. 

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