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    SDS Management    


    Search and select completed Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for all your chemicals and stay updated with alerts for any revisions. Seamlessly attach to pertinent hazard analyses and risk assessments, facilitating easy access to critical information for staff while ensuring compliance.

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    Everything You Need for SDS Management 

    Maintaining a comprehensive SDS database is essential to keep your workers healthy and safe and helps to avoid unwanted fines, but it can quickly become complex and time-consuming.

    From gathering and updating SDSs to ensuring accessibility, the process leaves ample space for errors to occur. Our SDS Management software equips you with the necessary tools for effortless SDS management, ensuring compliance and promoting workplace health and safety.



    Save time by removing the manual process of searching for SDSs and checking regularly for updates.


    Healthy and Safe

    Promote safe operations and risk awareness when handling hazardous chemicals.



    Access SDS information anytime, anywhere, from any device.



    Adhere to regulatory requirements and mitigate the risk of regulatory fines.



    Manage, track and share SDSs digitally in one place.

    How Can SDS and EHS Management Software Help? 

    Keep An Updated Chemical SDS Register

    • Access millions of data sheets from our partner, SDS Manager. 

    • Build your SDS library as part of your EHS management system for all chemicals used in your processes. 
    • Receive automated alerts when updates occur to SDSs. 

    Learn how a centralised chemical register helps you efficiently track and manage your chemicals across your business.

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    Inform Your Workers 

    • Attach relevant data sheets to COSHH assessments, JHAs, PHAs and more. 

    • Share SDSs and risk assessments with your workers via our mobile app. 

    • Add QR codes to chemical containers to allow employees quick access to SDSs.  
    Learn more about how our mobile app can improve frontline engagement and right-to-know access.

    Stay Up-to-date

    • Stay GHS and OSHA compliant by accessing approved SDSs. 

    • Update SDSs and safety protocols to align with evolving regulatory requirements. 

    • Reduce potential penalties and fines by following chemical safety standards. 

    Find out more on how to to stay up to date and compliant with regulatory regulations.


    Manage Your Safety Data Sheets With These Tools: 

    • SDS Manager Database: Search and retrieve completed SDSs from an expansive library. 
    • Chemical Register: Document all information for chemicals and substances in one place, and add appropriate updated SDSs to relevant risk assessments and hazard analyses. 

    • Reminders and Notifications: Receive notifications of updates or revisions to SDSs to ensure compliance with GHS & OSHA 1910.1200 standards

    • Mobile EHS&S App: Share chemical information and best practices with workers, ensuring relevant information is always readily accessible. 

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