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    Control of Work Software   


    Ensure tasks are completed safely and costly incidents are minimised with control of work software. 

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    Digitise Your Control of Work Process to Improve Productivity 

    Achieve operational safety and meet the rising expectations of stakeholders, regulators and standards by implementing a comprehensive control of work system that is both effective and efficient for your business. 

    Our control of work technologies, such as mobile-ready lockout/tagout, pre-configured permit to work, interactive procedural walkthroughs and shift handover can improve your control of work processes by effectively managing risks at all levels and ensuring safety and operational continuity.  



    Evaluate potential hazards related to the task at hand.



    Manage the approval process of permits by generating them in real-time and making them accessible via a mobile app and through emails.



    Ensure operational efficiency and safety by enhancing your team’s shift handover process and mitigating operational risk.



    Safeguard workers’ safety with machine-specific, interactive lockout/tagout procedures to safely carry out tasks.



    Improve your safety operating procedures and safe work practices by eliminating procedural shortfalls with just-in-time mobile access.

    How Can a Control of Work System Help? 

    Transform Your Permit To Work Process 

    • Enable workers undertaking the task to access information and follow procedures with an easy-to-use, secure mobile app.

    • Improve decision-making across the business through better visibility of information and real-time notifications when work starts and finishes. 

    Learn more how we can help simplify and streamline your Permit To Work process.

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    Enable Consistency in Your Shift Handover Process 

    • Automate shift handover with a mobile-powered solution to address gaps caused by manual and disconnected systems.

    • Promote operational continuity through enhanced communication between teams for effective risk management. 

    See how we can improve your shift handover process and reduce oversight.

    Provide Frontline Workers With Real-Time Interactive Procedures 

    • Complete the provided step-by-step procedures to ensure protocols are covered.

    • Eliminate complex, time-consuming procedures. 

    Learn how we tailor our platform to meet your specific industry needs by visiting our industry overview.

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    Improve Control of Work Process With These Capabilities: 

    • Procedural Walkthrough: Enable field workers to safely perform tasks with anytime access to interactive, step-by-step procedural checklists.
    • Best-In-Class Mobile App: Maximise participation and engagement from any location by enabling workers to manage tasks and access essential safety information in the field.
    • Hazard Management: Enable effective mitigation of hazards and prevent costly incidents.
    • Control Register: Implement controls to manage identified hazards.
    • Risk Assessment: Standardise work practices by leveraging a library of relevant job hazard analyses to ensure safe, efficient work execution.  

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