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    EHS&S Software for the
    Energy and Utilities Industry


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    Promote Employee Engagement and Operational Excellence Through Rigorous EHS&S Processes 

    Energy and utility companies strive to meet the industry's rapidly changing regulations. They aim to achieve operational excellence and drive accountability by optimising cost, implementing efficient safety processes and fostering engagement through rigorous EHS&S reporting systems. 

    Evotix helps energy and utility companies increase productivity and effectively manage operational risks by elevating sustainability and embedding digital occupational health and safety processes in areas where manual and legacy platforms are inadequate. 

    How We Help Energy Companies:


    Confident Obligations Management

    Enable your teams to stay up to date and act quickly on any compliance-related changes. Do this by accessing and monitoring regulatory content from state-of-the art content providers and flagging any non-compliance issues quickly.


    Operationalise ESG & Sustainability

    Proactively measure, analyse and report on emissions, waste and resource use, while reducing the time required to prepare monthly reports, increasing stakeholders' confidence.


    Comprehensive Risk Management

    A robust operational risk management framework supports your company's diverse range of activities and risks. Access on mobile devices to drive organisation-wide accountability and ensure that assessments are completed on-site. Ensures risks are assessed regularly and risk-mitigating actions are implemented on time.


    Mobile Incident Management

    Streamline the management of incidents and near misses with detailed reporting on a secure mobile app. Ensure that corrective measures are swiftly implemented to prevent recurring accidents while enhancing safety, engagement and collaboration among field service teams and engineers.

    Hear What Our
    Energy and Utilities Customers Have to Say

    Actavo is a leading international engineering solutions company offering a breadth of services, including energy, events support, business support, solutions building, communications and construction. 

    Learn how Actavo partnered with Evotix to improve their collection, understanding and response of EHS&S data.

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