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    Safety & Compliance Management   


    Manage Safety Efficiently and Proactively

    Embed safety at the heart of your business operations with comprehensive and engaging functionality accessible to all.  

    Our Suite of Solutions Help You Proactively Manage Your Safety Activities: 

    Safety Management

    Incident Management

    Seamlessly manage the full incident lifecycle, from initial reporting to investigation and closure of actions.

    Safety Management

    EHS Risk Management

    Implement safety risk management processes and best practices that empower your team to proactively identify, analyse and control hazards and risks.

    Safety Management

    Audits & Inspections

    Digitise and centralise your paper-based audits and inspections processes, enabling real-time completion with mobile tools to swiftly address issues and drive continuous improvement.

    Safety Management

    Contractor Management

    Effectively manage your list of compliant and qualified contractors, ensuring alignment with your safety standards to foster secure workplaces for everyone.

    Safety Management

    Chemical Register

    Support your teams with an up-to-date chemical or substance register, so they can safely handle, store and transport chemicals or chemical substances.

    Safety Management

    Behaviour-Based Safety

    Promote positive organisational change and make health and safety an integral part of everyday operations.

    Safety Management

    Asset Management

    Ensure your equipment, assets, machinery and personal protective equipment (PPE) are available for issue, maintained and safe to use when needed.

    Safety Management

    Digital Procedures

    Transform procedures into interactive walkthroughs and guides, making them easily accessible for frontline workers on mobile devices.

    Safety Management

    Shift Handover

    Drive consistency in your shift handover processes by providing your operational teams with an easy-to-use digital tool that enables seamless communication during and after the handover.

    Be the Inspiration for Change

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