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    Asset Management Software


    Ensure your equipment, assets, machinery and personal protective equipment (PPE) are available for issue, maintained and safe to use when needed. 

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    Proactively Manage Your Equipment to Ensure It Is Safe To Use

    Equipment, like machinery or PPE , can pose a risk to employees’ health and safety if they are improperly managed and maintained. With equipment often dispersed widely across an organisation, it can be challenging to maintain visibility of all these requirements. Evotix’s asset management solution allows you to track all pieces of workplace equipment, maintenance requirements and any defects that need to be rectified in one central place, to ensure that equipment is ready to use.  


    Healthy and Safe

    Ensure equipment and PPE is maintained and in safe and optimum condition for use.



    Use mobile devices and QR codes to complete workplace inspections and address equipment issues immediately.



    Link assets to safety activities like audits, incidents and risk assessments for a full view of what is happening.



    Provide a full workplace audit trail on equipment testing and maintenance assessments.



    Rectify any hazards or defects promptly with effective action management.

    How Can Asset Management Software Help? 

    Keep Track of Your Equipment, Including PPE  

    • Document and track maintenance checks of all types of equipment, such as PPE, machinery, ladders and forklifts, in a single, centralised system.

    • Issue and assign any equipment to your people using mobile on the go.

    • Equipment QR codes ensure the correct equipment details are selected.
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    Ensure Equipment Is Used Safely 

    • Ensure your people are competent and certified to use equipment.

    • Provide your teams with mobile tools to complete pre-use inspections.

    • Report any defects immediately. Automated workflows ensure that the right people are informed quickly.  
    Explore our mobile health and safety solutions to see how they can enhance your workplace safety.

    Stay Ahead of Your Maintenance Requirements

    • Set automated reminders ahead of test and inspection due dates to ensure you do not miss a deadline.

    • Standard forms ensure the right information is captured for each piece of equipment.
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    Efficiently Manage Assets With These Tools:  

    • Equipment Register: Log and keep track of equipment and assets across the organisation.

    • Equipment Issue: Document any equipment and PPE that is issued to workers.

    • Best-Practice Maintenance and Inspection Forms: Tailor a set of built-in forms to your business.

    • Mobile App: Complete inspections and maintenance forms in the field for immediate data entry and follow up.

    • Action Management: Ensure quick resolution of issues. 

    • Insights and Reporting Tools: Get a quick overview of your equipment and inspection status.

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