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    I’m Not a Statistic: Safety is Your Number One Priority? We call BS.

    11 August 2022 - Evotix

    As individuals, it’s likely we each have our own personal values that we live by. In business, company values are ever present, from global powerhouses such as Apple and Nike, right through to small start-ups. Businesses pride themselves on their values. They often include transparency, honesty,..

    What is ESG?

    4 August 2022 - Matthew Elson

    Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) has become the de facto standard by which companies are assessed by financial institutions and investors on their management of risk and opportunities on..

    Washington, California, and Alaska top the rankings for the states with the most recorded non-fatal injuries | Evotix

    2 August 2022 - Evotix

    As we look into the data on injuries and fatalities across the United States, let’s start with the good news: it’s generally becoming safer to be a worker in the U.S. In almost every state the number..

    What is an EHS Audit? | Evotix

    28 July 2022 - Evotix

    An EHS audit is an assessment of an organization’s health and safety policies, processes and systems to ensure that they are meeting regulatory standards.  

    I’m Not a Statistic: A Health & Safety Call to Arms 

    26 July 2022 - Evotix

    statistic (noun): a quantity (such as the mean of a sample) that is computed from a sample specifically (Merriam-Webster)  

    Looking back at ASSP Safety 2022

    21 July 2022 - Evotix

    Our team just finished our first major US conference since Covid-19 and what an experience it has been! The whole team loved being back with their EHS industry peers! Even more exciting was the..

    Top 5 Safety Hazards in the Manufacturing Industry | Evotix

    14 July 2022 - Evotix

    The Danger of Not Taking Safety Seriously  According to the U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics, 373,000 nonfatal injuries and illnesses were reported within the manufacturing industry in 2020 with 340..

    Ultimate Guide to EHS: Meaning & Importance

    Ultimate Guide to EHS: Meaning & Importance | Evotix

    6 July 2022 - Evotix

    Before we begin, let’s acquaint ourselves with the acronyms

    The Ultimate Guide to Safety Incentive Programs | Evotix

    14 June 2022 - Evotix

    The ideal for any business is that everybody, and everything, is working in unison, moving toward the same goal.  In reality, that isn’t always the case. 

    How Can Health And Safety Technology Be A Positive Influence On Your Business?

    7 June 2022 - Evotix

    For Health and Safety Managers, decreasing the number of safety incidents in the workplace while keeping employees healthy and safe is a constant concern. One major barrier to improving this often..