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    Why you should care about the Bureau of Labor Statistics

    20 December 2021 - Langdon Dement

    It’s that magical time of year again. A time of insight; a time of recollection; a time of lagging indicators; a time of Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) injury and illness information. The data is released annually, towards the end of the year, and provides valuable guidance into various detailed..

    A farewell to manual processes: Why you should ditch them for health and safety

    18 November 2021 - Evotix

    One of the great classics in American literature is A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway. In the title, “arms” naturally means weapons, but it got us thinking about human arms—the ones attached to..

    Evotix on mission to reduce workplace accidents in Europe and USA

    2 November 2021 - Evotix

    EHS software specialist SHE Software rebrands as Evotix for next phase of growth  (Manchester – 2 November 2021) – Every year over 5,000 people are killed in workplace accidents in the US and EU – a..

    Sure Hard to Handle: How to Keep Your People and Supply Chain Safe and Healthy

    18 October 2021 - SHE Software Ltd

    In August 2021, quick serve restaurant chain Nando’s announced the temporary closure of 50 of its stores in the U.K. The peri peri chicken giant was… out of chicken! “The U.K. food industry has been..

    Quiz - What health and safety personality are you?

    4 October 2021 - SHE Software Ltd

    As we talk with health and safety professionals, they often talk about what health and safety means for them. 

    Infographic: Building the Business Case for Health and Safety Software

    22 September 2021 - SHE Software Ltd

     Want to learn more about health and safety technology? Uncertain which H&S technology to buy? Download our eBook where we dive deeper into making the business case for H&S management software.

    Safety Professional: Your First Year

    16 September 2021 - SHE Software Ltd

    Welcome to your job

    Health and Safety Could Make Your Share Prices Grow

    8 September 2021 - SHE Software Ltd

    As health and safety professionals we are challenged with an internal perception that safety is a cost center, particularly when you ask to invest in health and safety technology.  

    Convince Your Boss: The Solid Business Case for Health and Safety Software

    1 September 2021 - SHE Software Ltd

    If you’re a health and safety professional, one would have thought, in a strange way, the pandemic could have made your job easier. After all, COVID-19 forced organisations to not only accelerate..

    SHE Software is excited to be exhibiting at The Health and Safety Event

    27 August 2021 - SHE Software Ltd

    We are excited to be exhibiting at The Health and Safety Event in Birmingham, UK. Running 7-9 September, the event is an unmissable opportunity for health and safety professionals to share best..