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    6 Key Features of Safety Management Systems

    11 July 2024 - Evotix

    First off, what are safety management systems? Safety management systems are comprehensive digital solutions designed to identify, assess, manage and mitigate workplace hazards and risks. These systems integrate various features and tools to cover many aspects of health and safety.

    Exploring the Role of Industrial Hygiene Software in Risk Mitigation

    3 July 2024 - Evotix

    The introduction of new chemicals, tools or practices mean that hazards and risks in the workplace are constantly evolving. While some workplaces, such as factories and construction sites, are..

    5 Ways Technology Can Boost EHS&S in the Workplace

    28 June 2024 - Evotix

    In today’s modern work environment, technology enables the capture and delivery of information where and when needed to engage employees in EHS&S improvement. This guarantees that all team members..

    Top 10 Benefits of Investing in EHS&S Software

    27 June 2024 - Evotix

    Investing in the right EHS&S software benefits everyone, from the C-suite to workers, suppliers and customers. The key to gaining buy-in from these important stakeholders starts with articulating the..

    Keeping Cool: Being Prepared for Heat-Related Illnesses

    20 June 2024 - Langdon Dement

    Summer is typically thought of as a season of “fun in the sun” and generally just being outdoors with family and friends doing anything active and enjoyable. Whether it’s swimming, playing sports,..

    4 Benefits of Health and Safety Compliance Software

    18 June 2024 - Evotix

    In today's fast-paced industrial environment, ensuring organizations are healthy, safe and in compliance with applicable regulations, is paramount. Health and safety compliance software is critical..

    Top 5 Safety Hazards In the Manufacturing Industry

    14 June 2024 - Evotix

    According to the National Safety Council, in 2022, the manufacturing sector reported 110 non-fatal injuries per 10,000 workers, making it the sixth highest ranking industry for such injuries. With an..

    How Incident Reporting Software Can Help Prevent Future Incidents

    13 June 2024 - Evotix

    Every incident in the workplace has far-reaching implications for the business. Impacting not only the individual worker affected, but the morale of the whole team and their confidence in the..

    OSHA's 2024 Hazard Communication Standard: What You Need To Know

    5 June 2024 - Langdon Dement

    Once again, the United States is in the wake of a major change - a change that has been anticipated for three years and is bound to create a stir for organizations. A change that is believed to..

    Unlocking the Benefits of a Safety Management System

    23 May 2024 - Evotix

    Despite strides in technology and the adoption of safer practices, workplace injury and illness rates are persisting at alarming levels. In fact, it was reported by the International Labour..