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    How to use risk assessments

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    5 Types of Risk Assessment & How to Use Them

    13 December 2022 - Evotix

    Risk assessments aren’t just a ‘nice to have’; in most cases, they’re a legal requirement. In basic terms, a risk assessment identifies risks and hazards in the workplace and determines methods of either mitigating or eliminating them altogether to ensure a safe working environment.  

    Why should ESG matter to a business?

    3 Reasons Why Businesses Should Care About ESG

    8 December 2022 - Evotix

    Leaders from around the world recently came together at the 2022 Climate Change Conference (a.k.a COP27) to update goals that tackle the challenge of climate change. The output will see many..

    Learning in the flow is beneficial to ehs programs.

    How Getting 'In The Flow' Can Strengthen Your Training Program

    6 December 2022 - Evotix

    We all know that feeling. The one where you’re deeply engaged in whatever you’re doing, you’re absorbing new information and making use of it right away, and it feels’re ‘in the flow.’..

    Ensuring good health and safety practices in manufacturing

    How To Ensure Good Health And Safety Practices In Manufacturing

    1 December 2022 - Evotix

    The manufacturing industry is an economic powerhouse in the U.S. It’s responsible for producing 20 percent of the nation’s capital investment, 35 percent of productivity growth, 60 percent of..

    The $1 Billion Hidden Cost of Poor EHS Management 

    The $1 Billion Hidden Cost of Poor EHS Management 

    29 November 2022 - Evotix

    We’ve spoken at length in many of our blogs about the human impact workplace accidents can have. But what about the financial impact? Well, the National Safety Council estimates that it cost the..

    What is a Permit to Work System? A Complete Guide

    What is a Permit to Work System? A Complete Guide

    22 November 2022 - Evotix

    If you’ve ever worked in a high-risk industry, like construction, manufacturing, or electrical maintenance, you’ll be familiar with permit to work (PTW) systems. If you’re based in the US, you may..

    Ensuring effective health & safety practices on construction sites is imperative.

    The Importance of Health & Safety in Construction

    17 November 2022 - Evotix

    Construction is an inherently dangerous profession. From working at heights, to operating heavy machinery and using tools, the tasks undertaken by the typical construction worker are more..

    Ensuring EHS compliance in your company means following the correct EHS regulations.

    What is EHS Compliance?

    15 November 2022 - Evotix

    EHS, or Environment, Health and Safety, is a broad term that refers to the laws, rules, regulations, professions and programs dedicated to protecting the safety and well-being of a workplace.  

    Workplace injuries can lead to financial losses

    Healthcare, agriculture and transportation suffer the highest financial losses due to workplace injuries in the states

    11 November 2022 - Evotix

    When we look at the data on the business cost of workplace injuries across the US, it becomes clear that there are risks across every industry, from healthcare to mining, and education to..

    Evotix is on a mission to create safer, smarter futures

    I’m Not a Statistic – Let's Be More Efficient

    10 November 2022 - Evotix

    Can you remember a day when everything felt effortless? The coffee was kicking in. Every item on your to-do list felt doable, every distraction ignorable, every mistake fixable. You were firing on..