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    Designing a Robust ESG Strategy for Long-Term Success

    14 March 2024 - Evotix

    ESG refers to environmental, social and governance criteria, assessing environmental impact, social responsibilities like workplace diversity, and governance structures such as transparency. It acts as a key consideration for investors seeking companies with a strong foundation in long-term..

    Empowering Women in EHS&S: A Story of Progress and Potential

    8 March 2024 - Evotix

    Environment, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) has been a male-dominated arena for far too long. Today, despite strides toward gender equality, women still account for less than 30% of EHS&S..

    The Business Case for Safety: Beyond Incidents to ROI

    8 March 2024 - Evotix

    Even today, some organizations subscribe to the widespread belief that health and safety management is the necessary cost of protecting workers. But spending on your health and safety systems isn’t..

    The Ripple Effect: Understanding the Far-reaching Consequences of Workplace Incidents

    4 March 2024 - Evotix

    The health and safety of an organization does not exist in isolation from the rest of the business. In fact, the condition of health and safety within an organization has a traceable impact on the..

    Revolutionizing Employee Well-Being With Psychosocial Event Tools

    28 February 2024 - Evotix

    Promoting mental well-being is a crucial focus for organizations globally, given that one in five individuals experiences mental health challenges, according to the World Health Organization. For..

    Why Audits Fail & How To Get Real Value From Them

    23 February 2024 - Evotix

    Audits are responsible for evaluating the overall EHS program, including assessing workplace safety, identifying hazards and ensuring programs are in place and trainings have been recorded, to name a..

    Navigating the EU’s Chemical Rules and Regulations: Part 2

    20 February 2024 - Evotix

    Compliance with the EU’s chemical rules is not just a regulatory requirement but a gateway to numerous advantages for manufacturers. Ensuring public health and protecting the environment is essential..

    Reimagining Safety: Integrating Health & Safety Into Your Business Strategy

    19 February 2024 - Evotix

    In an ever-changing business landscape, it is becoming increasingly clear that health and safety (H&S) can no longer be an afterthought when it comes to organizational strategy. Instead of..

    Navigating the EU’s Chemical Rules and Regulations: Part 1

    14 February 2024 - Evotix

    The European Union (EU) has recently unveiled proposed chemical rules and regulations, marking a significant step toward creating safer and healthier environment, health and safety management (EHS)..

    Lost Time Incident Rate – A Complete Guide to LTIR

    8 February 2024 - Evotix

    In the world of health and safety, it can sometimes feel like everything has its associated metric. But while most metrics are important for reporting purposes, some can also offer valuable insights..