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    Langdon Dement

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    Keeping Cool: Being Prepared for Heat-Related Illnesses

    20 June 2024 - Langdon Dement

    Summer is typically thought of as a season of “fun in the sun” and generally just being outdoors with family and friends doing anything active and enjoyable. Whether it’s swimming, playing sports, going to the beach or just being outside during work, most of us love summer. Unfortunately, it’s also..

    OSHA's 2024 Hazard Communication Standard: What You Need To Know

    5 June 2024 - Langdon Dement

    Once again, the United States is in the wake of a major change - a change that has been anticipated for three years and is bound to create a stir for organizations. A change that is believed to..

    Navigating Change: A Year-End Reflection for EHS&S Professionals

    11 January 2024 - Langdon Dement

    The end of each year brings about many different feelings for EHS&S professionals. We experience anxiety for tasks that still need to get done, we reflect on the previous year and our focus shifts to..

    How Breaking the Blame Cycle Strengthens Your Culture

    30 August 2023 - Langdon Dement

    We’re all familiar with the blame game - pointing fingers when something goes awry. But what about when it occurs in the workplace? In health and safety, the blame cycle can actually disrupt..

    10 Key Steps When Choosing EHS Software

    9 May 2023 - Langdon Dement

    When picking EHS software for your organization, it’s important you pick the best software tool for your organizational processes. There are a lot of companies selling various software tools that can..

    Failing to Fail: Reframing Health and Safety Failures

    11 April 2023 - Langdon Dement

    When you think of a health and safety failure, what comes to mind? It’s likely that you’re picturing a distressing incident—a scene involving damage, injury or even death.

    Why You Should Care About the Bureau of Labor Statistics

    20 December 2021 - Langdon Dement

    It’s that magical time of year again. A time of insight; a time of recollection; a time of lagging indicators; a time of Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) injury and illness information. The data is..

    How health and safety drives operational excellence

    15 April 2021 - Langdon Dement

    How often have you sat in management meetings, or spoken with other HSE professionals, and heard the words, ’operational excellence’ being spoken? Whether it’s talking about your own organisation or..