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    Risk Analysis and
    Control Management    


    Confidently identify, assess and mitigate operational risks to ensure safe workplaces, regulatory compliance and strategic business alignment. Our suite of tools, aligned to ISO 31000, support you in setting up robust risk management processes. 

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    Ensure Consistent, Effective Risk and Control Management 

    Navigating a complex risk environment is a challenge that businesses encounter across their entire operation. Proactive and consistent assessment is critical to protect the business against disruptions and mitigate production losses.  

    A comprehensive risk management solution allows your business to assess a wide range of risks, including those affecting safety, environment, reputation, health and process safety. Our solution streamlines the process of capturing, tracking and reporting risks by providing tools like a risk and control register, control verification activities, risk appetite and key risk indicators that are aligned to ISO 31000. 



    Enable comprehensive risk assessment and control processes, improving risk visibility and mitigation.



    Be empowered to make informed decisions, aligning risk management with strategic objectives.



    Align to ISO 31000 and comply with other industry regulations with structured risk management processes and tools.



    Assess a wide range of risks to protect your organisations reputation and operations while meeting regulatory requirements.



    Use an interactive tool to build visual bowtie diagrams and receive powerful data analytics to proactively reduce risk levels.

    How Can Risk Analysis and Control Management Software Help?  

    Take a Proactive Approach to Risk Management 

    • Reduce the likelihood of incidents by proactively identifying and implementing critical control measures.

    • Perform comprehensive risk assessments by capturing both inherent and residual risk data.

    • Establish and monitor risk appetite and risk tolerance levels to prioritise risk mitigation activities.  

    See how we can help assess and minimise your organisation's risks to enhance operational efficiency.

    Make Data-Driven Decisions to Reduce Risk  

    • Provide insights into risk metrics and key risk indicators (KRI) whenever needed.

    • Monitor and compare safety scores across various locations to identify performance trends and areas for improvement. 
    Learn how our business intelligence tool can help you prioritise EHS&S initiatives and take action.

    Ensure Compliance and Regulatory Adherence  

    • Follow ISO 31000 for identification, analysis and evaluations of company-wide risks.

    • Systematically address risk concerns and document risk management plans to support regulatory requirements.  
    Find out more on keeping up-to-date with compliance through our "What is EHS Compliance" eBook.

    Communicate Risk Effectively

    • Share completed reports and analyses with the business to increase risk awareness and understanding.

    • Better visualise risk and respective controls by using Bowtie diagrams.  
    Learn how we tailor our platform to meet your specific industry needs by visiting our industry overview.

    Implement Comprehensive Risk Management With These Tools: 

    • Risk Register: Manage risks by capturing inherent risk, ongoing residual risk assessments and risk treatment plans.
    • Control Register: Implement and monitor critical controls across the business.
    • Key Risk Indicators (KRIs): Define and automate KRI reviews to help monitor risk metrics and trigger alerts.
    • Risk Appetite: Identify areas where risk levels exceed defined thresholds.
    • Risk Bowtie Canvas: Visually model risk threats and consequences, making it easier to understand and communicate risks.
    • Reports and Dashboards: Provide insights into safety performance trends to enable proactive improvement efforts. 

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