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    EHS&S Software for the Warehouse
    and Storage Industry 

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    Elevate Warehouse Safety to Ensure Compliance and a Safe Work Environment 

    Warehouse and storage businesses face the dual challenge of fostering a safety-focused culture while navigating various operational hurdles for a secure and productive workplace. Overcoming these challenges involves not only meeting stringent occupational health and safety standards, but also ensuring compliance and enhancing efficiency through streamlined processes.

    Evotix helps warehouse and storage facilities improve their occupational health, safety and sustainability performance and reinforce workplace safety through an EHS&S system embedded with learning-in-the-flow capabilities.  

    How We Help Warehouse and Storage Organisations:  


    Effective Incident Management

    Streamline the entire incident management process, from reporting to investigation and closure. Learn from past events to improve your safety program, reducing workplace risk.


    Confident Regulatory Management

    Maintain compliance with complex and evolving environmental regulations to avoid penalties and minimise manual compliance management costs.


    Real-Time Audits and Inspections

    Centralise your audits and inspections for seamless management. Utilise mobile devices to identify issues in real time, enabling swift implementation of necessary actions and prompt resolution of non-conformances without delays.


    Comprehensive Risk Assessments

    Empower your workforce to proactively report hazards and conduct risk assessments across the business using mobile devices. This ensures effective control measures can be implemented effectively to reduce risk across your facilities.

    Be the Inspiration for Change

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