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    Psychosocial Hazard Management


    When workers are exposed to risks in the design or management of work for a long period of time, it can affect their well-being, lead to accidents, disrupt their work and lead to lower productivity. 


    Effective Management
    of Psychosocial
    Hazards and Risks   

    Managing psychosocial hazards helps fulfil regulatory responsibilities, while also reducing organisational disruptions and costs arising from work-related harm. Additionally, it contributes to improved performance and productivity. 

    Our psychosocial event management solution is a systematic process that allows you to effectively capture and manage psychosocial hazards and risk factors, meeting the social, mental, physical and legal requirements of a safe and healthy workplace. 



    Monitor the effectiveness of health and well-being controls in your organisation.



    Manage psychosocial events with confidentiality and total security of sensitive information.



    Demonstrate commitment to total worker health and well-being.



    Assess, control, review and monitor psychosocial events to remain compliant.

    How Can Psychosocial Events Management Help? 

    Improve Controls Through Integration    

    • Identify, assess, control and monitor psychosocial hazards and risks through seamless integration with hazard identification, risk register and incident management.

    • Provide effective reporting of complaints or grievances from workers who identify psychosocial hazards or risks that may not have been adequately controlled. 

    Learn how Evotix can partner with you on your risk management challenges and needs.

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    Manage Events With Confidentiality 

    • Provide maximum protection and confidence for employees reporting psychosocial risks.

    • Securely record, investigate and manage psychosocial incidents in a manner that protects workers’ confidentiality and gives confidence in the process. 

    Learn how we tailor our platform to meet your specific industry needs by visiting our industry overview.

    Fulfil Your Organisation’s Commitment to Worker Health and Well-Being   

    • Apply universal risk management frameworks and standards such as ISO45003 to manage and reduce the impacts of psychosocial risks and hazards in the workplace.

    • Monitor workplace conditions to ensure the health of workers to maintain a positive morale and environment. 
    See why Evotix can help drive EHS and ESG transformation at your organisation.

    Improve Psychosocial Hazard Management With These Tools:   

    • Data Analytics, Reports and Dashboards: Analyse the information and highlight areas for improvement.
    • Security and Confidentiality: Restrict access to only authorised personnel to ensure confidentiality of data.
    • Alignment With ISO45003 and Industry Leading Code of Practice: Align to international standards to identify and assess psychosocial risks.
    • Action Management: Manage actions for all modules in a consistent and centralised way across the entire solution.
    • Incident Management: Identify if an incident has psychosocial impact and simplify the handling and communication for all types of incidents. 

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