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    EHS&S Software for Education and Universities

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    Centralise EHS&S Processes at
    Your University

    University health and safety teams are challenged with managing complex sites and buildings, bridging communication gaps across functions and faculties and engaging student bodies in reporting. Inefficient processes to maintain properties, control risk and connect with employees build barriers to successful health and safety management, especially across universities’ extensive scope.   

    Implementing a centralised health and safety system like Evotix aligns fragmented processes and streamlines communication across departments, employees and students. Increase visibility through interactive dashboards, make reporting easy for students with an intuitive mobile app and more effectively manage campus risk with an all-in-one solution.   

    How We Help Universities: 


    Centralised Risk Assessments

    Empower your staff to carry out their jobs safely, as well as keep students healthy and safe by ensuring risk assessments are up to date and effective controls are in place.


    Streamlined Incident Management

    Manage incidents without delay. Real-time reporting on mobile tools allows you to react quickly, investigate root causes and implement any actions needed to prevent future occurrences, minimising risk to your staff and students.


    Mobile Safety

    Ensure your staff has access to crucial safety information and resources when they need it. Provide them with a simple mobile app to report any hazards or incidents, complete checks or access risk assessments, all in one place.


    Effective Building Maintenance and Lab Safety

    Stay ahead of equipment and building maintenance with simplified safe equipment checks, maintenance processes and video-based learning resources.


    Transparent Reporting

    Share performance reports and dashboards to increase visibility and accountability of EHS&S performance across various departments. 

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    The University of Warwick is a renowned, world-leading university with the highest academic and research standards, based in Coventry, England. 

    Learn how Warwick University moved away from manually managing EHS&S.

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