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    Permit To Work Software    


    Performing high-risk activities safely, be it working from heights or maneuvering through confined spaces, demands more than courage. Safety breaches can result in injuries, environmental damage and financial losses for the business. A seamless permit to work system can ensure the proper planning and assessment of work posing a high risk before tasks take place.

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    Simplify and Streamline the Permit To Work Process 

    Our easy–to–use permit system and secure mobile app send proactive alerts and reminders to all workers and contractors performing high-risk tasks to access critical information and follow real-time procedures, ensuring a safe start. 

    A simplified and streamlined permit to work process can help reduce unplanned operational downtime and transform safety through proper planning, assessment and visibility of high-risk work while remaining compliant. 



    Assess risks and conditions for the work to be done.



    Streamline the permit to work process to ensure visibility and compliance.



    Generate permits in real-time and ensure accessibility via the mobile app and email.



    Send notifications when work is started and finished.



    Access relevant JHAs.

    How Can Our Permit To Work System Help? 

    Coordinate Resources for High-Risk Work 

    • Create workflows to raise, assess and track the permit to work system for specified tasks.

    • Improve decision-making across the business through better visibility of information and real-time notifications when work starts and finishes. 
    Learn how we tailor our platform to meet your specific industry needs by visiting our industry overview.
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    Prevent Disasters and Incidents

    • Enable proper planning, assessment and visibility of work that may pose a high risk with the permit to work module.

    • Give workers the ability to assess risks and conditions for the work in real time to avoid incidents. 
    Find out more with our "What Is a Permit To Work System?" complete guide.

    Digitally Transform Permit To Work Processes

    • Empower workers to access information and seamlessly complete tasks through a secure, user-friendly mobile app.

    • Alert permit approvers of the commencement and completion of work. 
    Explore our mobile health and safety solutions to see how they can enhance your workplace safety.
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    Simplify and Streamline the Permit To Work Process With These Tools: 

    • Analytics and Dashboards: View all permits with open actions for the selected location and permit type.
    • Action Management: Manage actions for all modules in a consistent way across the entire solution.
    • Stakeholder Management: Issue communications and notifications to authorities, external and internal stakeholders.
    • Best-in-Class Mobile App: Manage tasks and access critical information out in the field. 

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