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    Contractor Management Software 


    Efficiently manage your list of compliant and qualified contractors. Aligning contractors to your site’s safety standards promotes safe workplaces for all. 

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    Ensure Contractors Maintain High EHS Standards, Supporting Workplace Health and Safety

    Approaches to environmental, health and safety risks can vary widely between businesses. Treat contractors like your own employees and ensure they fully understand your safety management processes and requirements. 

    Evotix’s contractor management solution allows you to implement and effectively track a rigorous pre-qualification process, induction training and regular contractor assessments to ensure that all contractors follow your safety processes.  



    Efficiently manage compliant and qualified contractors.



    Implement rigorous processes for pre-qualification and induction.


    Healthy and Safe

    Mitigate risk on your sites by ensuring contractors work to your health and safety standards.



    Continuously monitor and assess contractor compliance.



    Maintain visibility of high-risk work areas and processes.

    How Can Contractor Management Software Help? 

    Easily Identify Approved Contractors 

    • Create your central contractor register with all information in an accessible location.

    • Verify qualifications, agreements, insurance details and permits before contractors arrive on-site.

    • Easily identify contractors that are approved to work on your sites.
    Explore how to establish an optimal safety management framework with our "Contractor Safety Management" eBook.
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    Enhance Site Safety Practices  

    • Provide contractors with user-friendly tools to submit pre-arrival agreements and report hazards, incidents or other events.

    • Foster a culture of safety and efficient communication. 
    Find out more with our "Contractor Management - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" podcast episode.

    Safely Manage High-Risk Tasks 

    • Streamline the submission, review and issue of permits to work (PTW) for contractors and others.

    • Ensure that contractors have the necessary training, qualifications and experience for high-risk tasks.

    • Mitigate risks associated with critical work processes effectively. 
    Explore our mobile health and safety solutions to see how they can enhance your workplace safety.
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    Monitor Contractor Performance   

    • Continuously track the performance of all contractors, including any incidents they are involved in and related injuries.

    • Generate performance reports and contractor rankings for informed decision-making.

    • Ensure qualifications and safety standards are met.  
    See how we tailor our platform to meet your specific industry needs by visiting our industry overview.

    Manage Your Contractors With These Tools: 

    • Central Contractor Register: Review and track all contractor information in one place.
    • Contractor Mobile Portal: Complete pre-qualifications, inductions and safety reporting on mobile devices.
    • Contractor Pre-Qualification: Track documentation, reviews and approvals in one location.
    • Site Inductions and Onboarding: Onboard contractors to site-specific safety practices with easily accessible, mobile tools.
    • Dashboards and Data Analytics: Monitor contractor performance and KPIs.
    • Permits to Work (PTW): Standardise processes across all sites.
    • Lockout/Tagout (LOTO): Ensure processes for disabling, isolating and de-energising equipment and machinery are easily accessible when needed.

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