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    Operational Risk Management  


    Manage Operational Risks and Safety With Excellence 

    Assess and minimise risks proactively to enhance operational efficiency while protecting your business against potential disruptions. 

    Create a culture where safety leads every decision by empowering your operations team to follow well-defined operational risk management processes and standards.   

    Our suite of solutions helps you optimise and standardise risk management processes to ensure proper controls are in place:

    Operational Risk Management

    Risk Analysis and Control Management

    Confidently identify, assess and mitigate operational risks effectively with tools aligned to ISO 31000 to ensure safe workplaces, regulatory compliance and strategic business alignment.

    Operational Risk Management

    Emergency Preparedness & Response

    Prepare for potential emergencies with appropriate emergency response plans for the safety of your organisation and peace of mind.

    Operational Risk Management

    Control of Work

    Mitigate operational risk at every level while remaining compliant with our Control of Work offering that includes Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment, Permit to Work, Isolation management (LOTO) and Shift Handover.

    Operational Risk Management

    Management of Change

    Manage change in the organisation using a standardised approach to ensure safe and efficient changes to processes, people, and equipment.

    Operational Risk Management

    Permit To Work

    Make the Permit To Work process easier by using a streamlined system that allows for requesting, reviewing, and approving permits.  

    Operational Risk Management

    Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

    Improve your team's ability to conduct PHAs and reduce the risk of hazardous events. 

    Operational Risk Management


    Provide workers with mobile-ready Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) procedures to guide shutdowns and isolations for safety and secure equipment handling.

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