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    Incident & Injury Management for Workplace Safety  


    Seamlessly manage the full incident lifecycle, from initial reporting to investigation and closure of actions. Managing all your data in one location allows you to proactively learn from events and drive improvements in your safety program, reducing workplace risk.

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    Streamline Incident Management and Communication in
    One Location

    When an incident happens, everyone’s on high alert, but managing the follow-up actions can be time consuming when there are no consistent processes and information is scattered. 

    Our comprehensive safety management software simplifies the handling and communication for all types of incidents, near misses and other events. 



    Provide your people with a user-friendly mobile app to report and manage incidents on the go.



    Configure incident forms and processes to fit your business needs.



    Gather all incident data in one location for seamless tracking and regulatory reporting.



    Implement consistent protocols for incident management and investigation.



    Leverage insights from past incidents to enhance your safety program proactively.

    How Can Incident Management Software Help? 

    Report Incidents Efficiently

    • Provide simple tools for reporting and managing incidents, near misses and unsafe acts from anywhere.

    • Use configured standard forms to capture all relevant details, including images and additional information.

    • Alert the right people instantly to ensure a swift response. 

    Find out more with our "Get Back What You Put In: The Value of Managing Actions" eBook.

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    Ensure Effective Incident Follow-Up  

    • Conduct investigations and Serious Injury Fatalities (SIFs) reviews using a standard process.

    • Implement corrective and preventative actions (CAPAs) during causal analysis. 

    • Easily gather data for reporting to regional authorities.  
    Listen to our podcast episode on reimagining SIF prevention.

    Learn From Your Incidents To Prevent Recurrences

    • Analyse your incidents, including SIFs, through pre-configured dashboards to identify trends and improvements.

    • Easily share data with your teams to encourage safety discussions.
    • Quickly generate reports and analyse data for consistent communication with leadership. 
    With the help of our safety management system, Actavo sees 20% year on year reduction in incident rates.

    Efficiently Manage the Full Incident Lifecycle With These Tools:  

    • Mobile EHS&S App: Report incidents immediately and with all supporting information.
    • Pre-Built Incident Forms and Processes: Tailor pre-built best-practice forms to your business, or easily create new forms. 
    • Management of All Incident Types: Manage all types of incidents, including injury and SIFs, environmental, equipment, property and vehicle incidents.
    • Investigation and Root-Cause Analysis (RCA): Standardise processes for investigations across your organisation.
    • Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPAs): Manage actions as a result from incidents promptly to reduce risk. 
    • Regulatory Reporting: Collect all information required for reporting to authorities, including  OSHA (USA), RIDDOR (UK) as well as CERFA 14463*03 (France) and Unfallanzeige (Germany).

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