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    Emissions Management Software


    Implement a comprehensive emissions management process to ensure compliance with climate-related regulations and improve your organisation's sustainability and performance.  


    Streamline Emissions Calculations, Data and Reporting 

    Ensuring your organisation's compliance with crucial air and GHG emissions regulations and using the correct emissions factors is essential to prevent costly mistakes when calculating emissions. 

    Our emissions management solution helps you make climate-conscious decisions based on credible data. The solution simplifies complex data and calculations, while improving regulatory reporting by identifying emission reduction opportunities. 



    Save time and money associated with emissions reporting using one centralised system.



    Analyse data and identify areas to improve environmental performance.



    Simplify access to emissions factors through a pre-configured integration.



    Perform complex emissions calculations based on multiple parameters.



    Take the complexity out of ensuring compliance with permits through our streamlined approach.

    How Can Emissions Management Software Help? 

    Centralise Management of Emissions Factors 

    • Seamlessly access over 3,000 global emissions factors covering scope 1 and 2 within the solution.

    • Have confidence in your data, knowing that emissions factors are automatically kept up to date.

    • Track other material attributes such as heat values, energy content, density and more, to allow the use of multiple emissions calculation methods. 

    See how we can help you create and operationalise ESG and sustainability processes throughout your organisation.

    Automate Data and Calculations 

    • Set data collection frequency and responsibility with automated data collection reminders.

    • Streamline data collection across the business and calculate scope 1, 2 or 3 emissions and energy usage.

    • Collect data once to perform multiple emissions calculations and generate multiple emissions metric outputs. 
    Learn how we tailor our platform to meet your specific industry needs by visiting our industry overview.

    Simplify Compliance   

    • Remove complexities in ensuring compliance with permits and regulations.

    • Demonstrate your environmental performance to internal and external stakeholders, including regulators and auditors.  
    Sustainability isn't just about the environment; it's also about people. Stream our podcast episode on "Paving the Way for Sustainability."

    Enable Climate-Conscious Decisions With These Tools: 

    • Data Analytics, Reports and Dashboards: Generate reports for emissions, time period comparisons, materials, emission sources across organisational hierarchies and any other categories.
    • Integrated Action Management: Manage actions in a consistent and centralised way across the entire solution.
    • Permit Management: Track emissions against allowable limits. 

    Be the Inspiration for Change

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