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    Occupational Health Case
    Management Software    


    Occupational health case management focuses on employees' well-being, minimises work-related health issues and contributes to a safe, healthy workplace while reducing healthcare costs.  

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    Proactive Case Management Approach 

    Ensure early intervention, including non-work-related health issues, to facilitate a quicker intervention and safer return to work while effectively monitoring and managing compensation costs related to work-related health issues.   

    Our all-in-one case management solution helps identify and address occupational health issues early, facilitating a smooth return-to-work and a faster recovery journey while making workers' compensation management hassle-free. 



    Reduce associated economic and human costs through early intervention programs.



    Assess employees’ capability for work.



    Understand the costs associated with workers' compensation and illness.



    Facilitate timely return-to-work through early intervention.



    Implement proactive workplace injury management through an integration approach.

    How Can Occupational Health Case Management Software Help? 

    Early Intervention  

    • Identify and support employees with non-work-related health issues that could affect their well-being and job performance. 

    • Intervene and capture time-stamped logs of case notes and medical certificates with proactive early case management. 

    See our full suite of solutions that can help you protect your workforce's well-being and safety to reduce occupational hazard.

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    Return to Work   

    • Manage employee injuries in a proactive and integrated approach as part of your organisation's return-to-work program. 

    • Develop a return-to-work plan with greater visibility and traceability.  

    Workers’ Compensation  

    • Analyse workers’ compensation costs for a better understanding and in-depth analysis. 

    • Monitor and manage workers' compensation costs and analyse the impacts of workplace injuries and illnesses to develop the appropriate improvement measures. 
    Learn how we tailor our platform to meet your specific industry needs by visiting our industry overview.

    Drive Proactive Case Management With These Tools:  

    • Data Analytics, Reports and Dashboards: Help monitor performance of case management and identify areas of improvement.
    • Integrate With Action Management: Effectively manage actions to foster individual accountability across all organisational levels.
    • Occupational Health: Provide oversight into all elements affecting Similar Exposure Groups (SEGs), such as health test and vaccination requirements.
    • Injury Management: Facilitate an integrated approach to injury management through a seamless consolidation of injury and workers’ compensation data.
    • Incident Management: Specify the incident and resulting injury and manages the full incidents lifecycle, from initial report to investigation.  

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