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    Industrial Hygiene Management Software


    Proactive health and safety at work requires anticipating, monitoring, controlling and mitigating physical, chemical and biological exposures for a safer workplace.  

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    Optimise Your Industrial Hygiene Program and Performance 

    Apply a systematic industrial hygiene management approach with embedded analytics and reporting capabilities to detect, monitor and control hazards and stresses. Identify areas that require immediate attention and implement effective control measures.  

    Our industrial hygiene solution helps you mitigate and anticipate health risks early with qualitative exposure assessments, the preparation and implementation of sampling plans and the establishment of similar exposure groups. 



    Monitor workplace exposures that may impact workers’ health.



    Anticipate health risks early and apply effective controls.



    Define and manage exposure groups.



    Ensure compliance with regulations and standards.

    How Can Industrial Hygiene Management Software Help? 

    Predict, Monitor and Control Workplace Health Hazards and Exposures  

    • Improve the efficiency and reliability of industrial hygiene programs with repeatable processes and ensure the integrity of collected data. 

    • Analyse the progress and effectiveness of the industrial hygiene program to demonstrate controls and measures are effective. 

    Learn how we tailor our platform to meet your specific industry needs by visiting our industry overview.

    Reduce Industrial Hygiene Risks With Automated Notifications and Reminders    

    • Implement effective and successful industrial hygiene processes with automated notifications and reminders for key activities. 

    • Implement a systematic approach based on internationally recognised principles.  

    See why Evotix can help drive EHS and ESG transformation at your organisation.

    Develop Sampling Plans and Conduct Exposure Assessments  

    • Perform qualitative and quantitative exposure assessments and manage an array of sample types, encompassing air, noise, wipe, bulk and heat stress assessments. 

    • Make critical decisions quicker with seamless access to predefined user lists, such as "Samples Awaiting Laboratory Results," "Samples With Overexposures," "Equipment Requiring Calibration" and "Exposure Assessment Reviews.” 
    See our full suite of solutions that can help you protect your workforce's well-being and safety to reduce occupational hazards.

    Optimise Your Industrial Hygiene Program With These Tools:  

    • Data Analytics, Reports and Dashboards: Spot areas requiring immediate attention, such as high-risk exposure assessments or elevated sample results.
    • Provide Training and In-The-Flow Information: Educate employees about industrial hygiene to drive improvement and control overexposures.
    • Integrate With Action Management: Manage actions related to risk assessment and safety protocols more holistically by adopting a cross-functional approach.
    • Occupational Health: Provide oversight into all elements affecting SEGs, such as health tests and vaccination requirements. 

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