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    The Ultimate Guide to the Importance of Incident Reporting

    26 January 2023 - Evotix

    Incident reporting is a crucial step for ensuring health and safety in the workplace. Regardless of accident severity, every little detail should be reported – otherwise, it might happen again on a much larger scale. OSHA requires that businesses with more than 10 employees keep a record of..

    7 Steps To Engage Employees in Health & Safety

    24 January 2023 - Evotix

    There seems to be a transition happening as it pertains to health and safety. Organizations have realized that simply responding to workplace accidents just doesn’t cut it. It’s all about being..

    What Is Contractor Safety Management?

    19 January 2023 - Evotix

    Hiring skilled contractors to fill the gaps in your company’s workforce is happening more frequently. But contractors are, by definition, temporary workers, and don’t always have the skills,..

    How To Conduct a Job Hazard Analysis

    17 January 2023 - Evotix

    To succeed in conducting your JHA, you need to include your employees from the beginning. They know their jobs better than anyone else, and they’ll be able to identify hazards more accurately than..

    What Is a Job Hazard Analysis?

    12 January 2023 - Evotix

    Workplace hazards rarely go unnoticed in high-risk industries. You can be sure that your team is acutely aware of the hazards if you work in oil, forestry or commercial aviation. But if you work in..

    Our Top Safety Tips for 2023

    10 January 2023 - Evotix

    Our dynamic Evotix duo Langdon Dement, Global EHS Advisor, and Julian Taylor, Head of Enablement, offer their top tips on how to ensure a safer and healthier New Year.  

    Building a Better Workplace To Recruit and Retain Top Talent

    5 January 2023 - Evotix

    As we head into the New Year, with new budget cycles, now is the time to think about recruiting and retaining top talent. Across North America and Europe there have been some major challenges in..

    Bridging Generation Gaps at Work To Build a Safer Environment

    22 December 2022 - Evotix

    The workforce is more diverse in age than ever before. One in three working adults in the US is a Millennial; and the picture is similar in the UK, with this generation making up more than 50% of the..

    The best of ‘Two Bald Guys Talking Safety’ in 2022 

    20 December 2022 - Evotix

    We are well into the holiday season, which means that a whole new year is almost upon us. And what better way to prepare for the year ahead than to look back at some key learnings and highlights from..

    How to use risk assessments

    5 Types of Risk Assessment & How to Use Them

    13 December 2022 - Evotix

    Risk assessments aren’t just a ‘nice to have’; in most cases, they’re a legal requirement. In basic terms, a risk assessment identifies risks and hazards in the workplace and determines methods of..