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    Beyond World Mental Health Day: Make Well-Being Your Daily Focus

    10 October 2023 - Evotix

    Today is World Mental Health Day, a pivotal date on our calendar that underscores the significance of mental well-being. This day arrives consistently each year, coinciding with a noticeable transition in the Northern Hemisphere. With the onset of autumn, temperatures drop, daylight hours diminish..

    CSRD: Driving Environmental Accountability and Social Resilience

    3 October 2023 - Evotix

    The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) aims to enhance environmental disclosure for large companies in the European Union (EU) market. It introduces more extensive and ambitious..

    Safety Check: Identifying When To Revise Your Health and Safety Processes

    26 September 2023 - Evotix

    Irrespective of your industry, your organization holds the vital responsibility of ensuring the safe return of your employees to their homes each day. When an incident occurs, it falls on you to..

    The Importance of Continuous Learning for EHS Professionals

    19 September 2023 - Evotix

    Between hard hats with proximity sensors, warehouses with robots and AI systems monitoring construction sites, there’s never been a more exciting time to work in the fast-evolving environment, health..

    CSRD and the Future of ESG Disclosure: Empowering European Corporations

    12 September 2023 - Evotix

    On July 31, 2023, The European Commission made a significant stride toward fulfilling the goals of the European Green Deal by officially embracing the European Sustainability Reporting Standards..

    Breaking Down OSHA's Final Rule: FAQ Edition

    6 September 2023 - Evotix

    The most recent revision by OSHA to 29 CFR 1904.41, concerning Recordkeeping and Reporting, mirrors the evolving trend in our industry toward digital processes and underscores the advantages they..

    7 Ways Camaraderie Enhances Workplace Health and Safety

    29 August 2023 - Evotix

    Camaraderie is crucial for cultivating a workplace built on trust and respect between employees, supervisors and managers. Beyond creating a friendly and open environment, promoting camaraderie can..

    The 5 Key Components of a Safety Audit

    25 August 2023 - Evotix

    Safety audits play a significant role in maintaining health and safety within your organization. Beyond ensuring legal adherence, safety audits identify and rectify potential hazards that, if left..

    Why Maintaining Accurate Safety Training Records Leads to a Safer Workplace

    16 August 2023 - Evotix

    One of the main reasons employers keep training records is to prove to regulators that employees are prepared to perform their tasks safely. But managing safety training records successfully has..

    5 Tips for Effective and Efficient Inspections

    8 August 2023 - Evotix

    Effective and efficient inspections play a crucial role in upholding stellar health and safety standards within your organization. To ensure consistency and effectiveness, consider these 5 tips: