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    EHS&S Software for
    Local Authority and Housing 

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    Maintain Compliance and Create a Safe Work Environment 

    In the dynamic landscape of local authorities and housing businesses, navigating the web of health and safety regulations while maintaining an aging infrastructure poses significant challenges. Ensuring the safety and well-being of residents, mobile workforces and the public, while meeting compliance with ever-evolving laws and regulations, demands a sophisticated approach to health and safety.  

    Evotix’s health and safety software provides a comprehensive solution to meet those complex needs by tailoring best practices for incident management processes, risk assessments and audits to your organisation. 

    How We Help Local Authorities and Housing Businesses: 


    Effective Incident Management

    Effectively manage incidents, whether involving vehicles or other remote situations, by ensuring that corrective measures are swiftly implemented. This helps to prevent future occurrences, minimising risk to residents, workforces and the public.


    Comprehensive Risk Management

    Foster a culture that emphasises the importance of reporting and assessing a diverse range of risks to protect remote workers, residents and properties. Ensure you regularly complete risk assessments directly on-site using mobile tools. Tailor built-in assessments for lone workers, fire, lift, food safety, control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH) and other areas to fit your needs.


    Consistent Audits and Inspections

    Drive consistency and accountability in your health and safety program by implementing a frequent audit and inspection program that ensures your people follow all required processes and allows you to address any issues and nonconformances quickly.


    Compliance Support

    Be confident that you have the right processes and policies in place to meet regulatory requirements. Unlimited access to reporting tools allows you to demonstrate your performance to internal and external stakeholders at any time.


    Streamlined EHS&S Processes

    Manage all EHS&S activities seamlessly in a digital system, eliminating communication delays and administrative work and ensuring accurate data entry.


    Mobile Tools for Lone Workers

    Empower your lone workers with a mobile app for real-time reporting of issues, ensuring the right people are informed without delay. Provide them with all the critical safety information they need in one place.

    Hear What Our
    Local Authority and
    Housing Customers
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    The Scottish Borders Council is based in Southern Scotland on the border of England. It covers 1,500 square miles, employing over 5,000 people. 

    Learn how the Scottish Borders Council created a central hub for their EHS and sustainability data across a dispersed workforce.

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