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    Manage EHS Compliance Training

    Plan, track and deliver health and safety training with ease. Monitor progress using a training matrix to ensure you comply with regulations while keeping your employees safe.  

    Protect Your Most Important Asset –Your Team

    Creating a safe workplace starts with providing everybody with the right training they need to understand the hazards and risks involved in their jobs. However, managing health and safety training can be time-consuming.  

    With Evotix’s Training solution you can ensure your employees receive the training and knowledge they need to carry out their tasks safely.  

    • Record training needs for each role, track completed training and identify skill gaps – all in one place.
    • Ensure one-off and recurring training is planned and completed timely to ensure training compliance.
    • Reach all your people, wherever they are, by enhancing your traditional classroom training with e-Learning.

    Streamline Your Training Management

    • Ensure that each employee and contractor receive the necessary safety and compliance training they need. 
    • Digitally document training needs by job role.  
    • Automatically inform your people of their training, manage training renewals and track training completion. 

    Support Different Learning Styles

    • Go beyond classroom training by integrating e-Learning into your training program. 
    • Reach all your people, wherever they are. 
    • Increase training retention by delivering relevant and engaging video-based training. 


    Analyze And Share Training Data When Needed

    • Proactively identify skill gaps and training opportunities by reviewing your training matrix, dashboards and reports.  
    • Demonstrate good training management to stakeholders, regulatory bodies and other third parties.  

    Manage Your Safety Training With These Tools:

    • Evotix Learn e-learning app 
      Own your safety training. Provide your people with the training and information they need, precisely when they need through the e-Learning App Evotix Learn. Deliver engaging content to support ongoing learning and application of training. 
    • Training Records & Training Matrix 
      Maintain up-to-date employee and contractor training records in one please. A Training matrix provides a quick overview of your training compliance so you can easily report to internal and external stakeholders.
    • Training Needs Analysis (TNA) 
      Define and document all training needs, including e-learning, hands on training, and in person, in a Training Needs Analysis (TNA). Automatically manage renewal dates. Link required training to job roles and assign to the right people.
    • Notifications, reminders, and dashboards 
      Proactively review your training data. Inform and remind your people about their required training. Escalate overdue training to managers. 
    • Training courses directory 
      Create and easily update training courses. Choose from traditional training formats, like classroom training, or link to courses on the e-Learning platform, Learn. 
    • Integrations 
      Integration via API or CSV data upload from your HR system. Integrate with our e-Learning platform, Learn, to boost traditional classroom training with engaging micro-learning. 

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