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    Deliver Safety Training and Information That Reaches 100% of Your Workforce  


    Own your safety training. Give your people the tools they need to access and complete safety training and information, wherever they are, whenever they need it.  

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    Learn – Your Health, Safety and Compliance Training App

    Training employees to perform their jobs safely can be a challenge. Traditional classroom training is often difficult to organise and time-consuming. These lengthy sessions then lead to poor information retention. In today’s digital world, people are accustomed to accessing content and learning through short videos or articles, presenting an opportunity for improving safety training in the workplace.  

    With our award-winning app, you can be confident that your employees always have the necessary training and information to perform their jobs safely.    

    How Does Learn Work?

    Reach All Your People With Ease

    • Whether your audience is manufacturing staff, shop floor workers or supply chain partners – we’ve got you covered.

    • Deliver training and information quickly, anywhere, on any device. With just a few clicks, your users can log into the app on a mobile device, desktop or tablet, providing the flexibility and accessibility your team needs.  

    Identify the path to best practices for understanding your workplace training through our "Transform Training Into Learning" checklist.

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    Deliver Fun and Engaging Training

    • Change the way you train your people. Provide training and information that is short, interactive and easy to understand.

    • Check knowledge and reinforce learning with custom quizzes.

    • Make learning fun and memorable with video content, leaderboards and achievements. 
    Find out more on building a successful training program for your people with our "How To Build Impactful Training" eBook.

    Get Started Quickly With Our Off-the-Shelf Content

    • Save time and resources by choosing from our extensive library of safety and compliance courses created by accredited content providers globally.

    • Easily select the courses that best fit your needs and get your team trained quickly and efficiently.  
    Check out how our courses can make safety part of your everyday activities.
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    Content Creation in Your Hands  

    • Already have training content ready to go? Simply upload your SCORM files, PDFs, videos or presentations and publish whenever you are ready. 

    • Alternatively, create new content in minutes with our user-friendly content editor tool and say goodbye to time-consuming content creation for good.  

    See how we tailor our platform to meet your specific industry needs by visiting our industry overview.

    Track Training, Skills and Performance 

    • Integrated with the Evotix EHS solution to track training completion for compliance reporting. 

    • Built-in dashboards provide valuable insights into how your teams use Learn. Understand which content resonates most with employees and the level of engagement it receives. Learn helps you not just measure completion but improve the impact of existing content. 

    Learn more on how you can enhance your safety training with microlearning.

    Deliver Training With These Tools: 

    • Training Course Library: Subscribe to courses from one of our content partners and quickly deliver readily available and approved training courses to your teams. 

    • Video-Based Learning : World-class video delivered to any device, anywhere. Subtitles, multi-language, in any format, on any device, low-bandwidth and offline.

    • Content in Any Format: Upload content in most formats, including SCORM, images, pre-recorded videos, PDFs, PowerPoint and Word. Embed webpages, YouTube videos, iFrames and other pages. 

    • Multi-Device: Support learning across different platforms. Access from all standard browsers or download from major public app stores. Supports company-managed and personal devices, as well as kiosks and laptops.

    • Offline Capabilities: Download content on the app to access when offline.  

    • Integrations: Integrate with MS Teams and Evotix’s EHS&S Software. Other third-party integrations and APIs available.   

    • Multi-Language : Deliver content in over 20 different languages.  

    • Social Features : Receive feedback for each piece of content. Allow users to discuss training through comments and likes.   

    • Quizzes and Gamification : Test knowledge, reward progress and create health competitions with leaderboards.  

    • Communication and Announcements : Send push notifications and alerts to the latest news, stories and updates and training notifications. 

    Be the Inspiration for Change

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