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    10 Steps To Get Your

    EVOTIX_ResourcePage__10 Steps To Get Your ESG Program Started UK

    ESG reporting is critical to meeting future demands of customers, staff and other stakeholders, but how do you know where to begin?

    Many EHS professionals are being appointed to oversee the creation of their organisation's first ESG program. 

    This checklist contains 10 actionable steps to get your ESG program up and running.

    In This Checklist, You'll:

    • Learn Why Implementing an ESG Program Matters 
      These steps will help you prioritise your efforts and begin a program that will provide long-term benefits for your organisation. 
    • Discover a Few "Aha" Moments
      Learn the top 10 steps to get your ESG program off the ground.
    • Answer Your Big Questions on How ESG Is Evolving 
      ESG is a framework that helps an organisation manage risks, opportunities and material topics related to environmental, social and governance criteria. In this checklist, we provide updated information on how ESG is evolving. 

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