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    Sila Services Empowers
    Lone Workers With
    Enhanced Health and Safety Management Practices

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    In This Case Study, You'll:

    • Learn How Sila Services Supported Its Lone Workers

      Having used Evotix’s software solution to establish an effective safety program, improve worker training and foster a supportive, interactive safety community, Sila Services has nurtured a culture of camaraderie.

    • Discover A Few "Aha" Moments 

      Within nine months, Sila Services had replaced its pen-and-paper program with Evotix’s efficient solution, transforming key functions such as incident reporting, risk assessments, inspections, training and more.

    • Answer Your Big Questions on WHY Sila Services Partnered with Evotix

      Facing diverse safety challenges with their expanding workforce, Sila Services recognised the need for a simple, straightforward system to drive employee engagement and accurate data collection.

    What are you waiting for? Read this case study to understand how Sila Services transformed safety practices and nurtured a culture of camaraderie for lone workers.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Why should I stop using manual processes to manage my health and safety processes?

    What type of businesses should say goodbye to using manual processes to manage safety?

    What type of return on investment could health and safety software provide?