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    The State of EHS&S: Benchmark Survey Results and Expert Insight

    EVOTIX_ResourcePage__THE STATE OF EHS and S

    Environment, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) metrics are now as critical as financial results regarding a company’s success and long-term future. 

    Companies are actively tracking EHS&S performance, but disparities remain across industries.

    In this eBook, we'll explore the top 10 reasons why businesses measure and track EHS&S metrics and KPIs.

    In This eBook, You'll:

    • Find Answers to Your Big Questions on How to Mature Your Organisation’s EHS&S Program Through Technology Adoption and KPI Measurement
      Discover the results of the survey on the state of EHS&S in this report, accompanied by commentary providing valuable guidance on improving EHS&S in your organisation. 
    • Learn the Challenges You Must Overcome to Digitise EHS&S Processes
      Overcoming over-complicated or unclear processes, followed by budget issues topped the list of challenges companies need to overcome in order to digitise EHS&S, according to survey participants. Learn the additional factors mentioned as well.
    • Discover a Few "Aha" Moments
      Being able to articulate benefits to the right stakeholders, choosing the best solution based on the problem you are trying to solve and selecting a software partner with a good track record in delivery and implementation will go a long way to removing the barriers faced with the digitalisation of EHS&S.

    What are you waiting for? Download your copy to learn how companies measure and track EHS&S and ESG key performance indicators.

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