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    University of New South Wales-Sydney’s EHS&S Journey with Evotix, an SAI360 Company


    In This Case Study, You'll:

    • Learn How Evotix Helped University of New South Wales-Sydney (UNSW) in Consolidating Their Safety Systems

      Evotix streamlined UNSW's safety systems by consolidating two repository systems into a unified platform for risk management and work procedures.

    • Discover A Few "Aha" Moments

      The new EHS&S system has made it easier for users to access and report hazards and has provided more rich information about key risks. Additionally, the system's control effectiveness functions will help to build a database that will provide more reporting fidelity moving forward.

    • Answer Your Big Questions on WHY UNSW Partnered with Evotix

      UNSW faced challenges with two repository systems that held risk management forms and safe work procedures. Since one system was ending support and the other was unsuitable, the university opted for a single solution that could scale as they evolve.

    What are you waiting for? Read this case study to understand the challenges faced by UNSW in managing two repository systems prior to engaging Evotix, the benefits of the new reporting process and their safety goals.

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