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    Why You Need To Create

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    Why does a safety training programme matter?

    Training your workforce on foundational health and safety principles and activities is a crucial aspect of EHS compliance. But if you are treating training as a box-ticking exercise, then you are missing out. Your programme should be designed to ensure people engage, understand and apply the training, with a focus on continuous learning.

    This checklist is a great place to start putting together your plan to engage your organisation and workforce in EHS training.

    In This Checklist, You'll:

    • Move to a More Proactive Stance on EHS
      Uncover why training should NOT be treated as a tick-box exercise.
    • Discover A Few "Aha" Moments
      Learn the top 7 reasons why your organisation needs to look at revamping its training program.
    • Answer Your Big Questions on How Training Can Impact You and Your Workforce
      Cultivating a learning mindset at your place of work provides space for proactivity, continuous improvement and ultimately, operational safety excellence.

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